Airflo reviews

Airflo is a UK based manufacturer of fly fishing gear. Aimed at the middle market, we've used and reviewed dozens of Airflo products from fly lines, fly reels, fluorocarbon and copolymer tippet to their wide range of fly fishing accessories.

Airflo 2019 baseball caps review

Airflo sent us three of their new 2019 baseball caps to try out. Two are trucker style...

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Airflo Leader Box review

The Airflo Leader Box lets you carry 10 pre-made leaders complete with point and...

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Airflo Ultra Strong Copolymer tippet review

Airflo Ultra Strong Copolymer tippet is a good quality but very cost effective leader...

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Airflo Tightlines TLD Elite Boat Seat review

The Airflo Tightlines TLD Elite Boat Seat is one of the most widely used in the UK and...

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Airflo Covert Adventurer Chest and Backpack review

The Airflo Covert Adventurer kit includes a backpack, chest pack and rod tube with all...

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Airflo Grippa silicone fly box review

The Airflo Grippa silicone fly box is a solidly built double-sided fly box with a...

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Airflo SightFree G4 fluorocarbon review

Airflo SightFree G4 is a fluorocarbon tippet material that is both thinner and stronger...

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Airflo Sixth Sense Di3 sinking fly line review

Airflo Sixth Sense sinking fly lines come in a sink rates including Di3, Di5, Di7 and...

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Airflo Whizz Lube fly line cleaner review

Airflo Whizz Lube adds a subtle slick coating to reinvigorate dirty fly lines and help...

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Airflo AirLock Strike Indicators review

The new Airflo AirLock Strike Indicators are billed as the best strike indicators in...

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Airflo Xceed fly reel review

The Airflo Xceed fly reel is made from machined aluminium and looks and feels pretty...

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Airflo PolyLeader review

The Airflo PolyLeader lets you quickly and easily turn your standard floating fly line...

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