Stonfo fly fishing gear reviews

Stonfo is an Italian fishing brand which makes a huge range of gadgets and accessories for fly fishing and fly tying.

Stonfo Safety Cord review

The Stonfo Safety Cord is a strong and springy coiled plastic retractor which is ideal...

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Stonfo Leader Straightener review

The Stonfo Leader Straightener is ergonomically designed and has two grip positions to...

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Stonfo Fly Line Cleaner review

The Stonfo Fly Line Cleaner is a gadget you can attach to your vest or lanyard to help...

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Stonfo Mini Lure Lips review

Stonfo Mini Lure Lips are tiny vanes that attach to the front of your lure or streamer...

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Stonfo Realistic Eggs review

Purists, look away now. Stonfo Realistic Eggs are a fly tying material for creating...

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Stonfo Single Retractor review

The Stonfo Single Retractor is a coiled fly fishing retractor that lets you pin or...

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Stonfo Double Retractor review

The Stonfo Double Retractor is a lightweight and compact zinger that lets you attach...

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Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard review

The Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard is a heavy duty rubber fishing lanyard with attachment...

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Stonfo Nippers review

Stonfo Nippers have a comfy rubberised grip, razor-sharp blades and a recessed needle...

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Stonfo Stripping Basket review

The Stonfo Stripping Basket holds your loose line when casting or retrieving to prevent...

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