Fly fishing net reviews

Reviews of the best fly fishing nets including scoop nets, weigh nets and landing nets from Greys, Mclean, Wychwood, Vision and many more.

Greys GS net review

The Greys GS net is a simple, no-frills landing net which comes with knotless mesh and...

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Wychwood Boatman Landing Net review

The Wychwood Boatman Landing Net is a high-quality net designed for use by fly fishers...

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Smith Creek Net Holster review

The Smith Creek Net Holster makes it easier to access your net while wading and you...

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McLean Sea Trout and Specimen Weigh Net review

If you're looking for a large net for landing and weighing specimen trout then the...

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Savage Gear Folding Rubber Mesh Landing Net review

The Savage Gear Folding Rubber Mesh Landing Net is designed specifically for pike...

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Vision Sili Trout Net and Magnet review

The Vision Sili Trout Net comes with a magnet and carrying cord. It looks and feels...

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Scierra Trout Net review

The Scierra Trout Net is really solidly made for such an inexpensive net. If you want a...

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Greys GS Scoop net review

Greys GS Scoop Nets are robust, light, easy to carry and good looking. If you're...

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