Greys fly fishing reviews

Reviews of the latest fly reels, fly rods, fly lines and other accessories from UK manufacturer Hardy Greys.

Greys GS net review

The Greys GS net is a simple, no-frills landing net which comes with knotless mesh and...

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Greys Prodigy Mini Forceps review

Greys Prodigy Mini Forceps are basic forceps ideal for fly fishing. They've got comfy...

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Greys GTS500 fly reel review

The Greys GTS500 fly reel is the cheaper sibling to the GTS700 cassette fly reel. Made...

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Greys Greylon Copolymer Knotless Tapered Leader review

Greys Greylon Copolymer Knotless Tapered Leaders come in a wide range of sizes and are...

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Greys Braided Loops review

Greys Braided Loops let you easily attach leaders to the end of your fly line without...

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Greys Platinum Shoot fly line review

The Greys Platinum Shoot fly line is an integrated shooting head suitable for rods of...

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Greys Reel Case review

The Greys Reel Case is designed to hold fly reels but is fairly small so is only...

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Greys GTS700 fly reel review

The Greys GTS700 is a machined aluminium fly reel which uses cassette spools, making it...

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Greys GS fly box review

The Greys GS fly box is strong, compact and holds plenty of flies, but the design seems...

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Greys GX900 fly reel review

The Greys GX900 fly reel is a very well priced machined aluminium fly reel and can...

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Greys Prowla Side Cutters review

Greys Prowla Side Cutters are something every pike angler should carry. Perfect for...

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Greys GS Scoop net review

Greys GS Scoop Nets are robust, light, easy to carry and good looking. If you're...

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