Savage Gear Butch lure review

The Savage Gear Butch lure is solidly built and reasonably priced for such a substantial pike lure. They have a great action and pike love 'em.

Savage Gear Butch lure review
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Savage Gear Butch lure review
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Savage Gear Butch lure review
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What is the Savage Gear Butch lure designed for?

The Savage Gear Butch lure is most commonly used for pike, but it should also work on other big toothy predators including big zander, musky, barramundi, Nile perch and tiger fish.

What size are these lures?

The Savage Gear Butch lure comes in two sizes. The body of the smaller one is 16cm long (longer if you include the bill and the trebles) and weighs in at 49g. The bigger one is 21cm long and weighs a fairly hefty 109g. I fish the smaller one on a Savage Gear Bushwhacker XLNT lure rod rated at 10-40g and it copes with it fairly well.

What's the action like?

These floating lures have a pin-based v-joint in the rear end, so when combined with the wide, round and fairly steep bill they have a great swimming action. It's quite a slow movement but it certainly gets pike going. A steady, slow retrieve is all it takes to get these lures working to their best, so they're really easy to fish with.

How deep do they dive?

In the shallower waters in which I fish they'll often dive the four feet or so to the bottom with only a slow retrieve, so they will probably dive a bit deeper if they have sufficient depth and a faster retrieve. Savage Gear says that the 16cm one will work depths between 2 and 3m, while the 21cm model works depths between 3 and 5 m. That seems about right given my experience in the shallows.

How strong are they?

The Savage Gear Butch lure has a very solid feel. It features extra strong wiring, heavy duty rings for the hooks, a tough tooth-resistant body, extra strong forged split rings and very sturdy "Japanese tournament trebles".

What colours do they come in?

The plain Blue Silver model shown above has been my most successful, taking pike into the low doubles - which is probably about as big as they get on my local patch. They also come in Pike, Zander, Popeye, Burbot, Blue Tiger, Perch and Golden Ambulance colour (which is basically a yellow fire tiger).

How much are they?

They're surprisingly inexpensive for such a large and robust lure, particularly given that the tiny Savage Gear Fry lure retails for a similar amount and is about a twentieth of the size. The Savage Gear Butch 16cm retails for £11.99, while the 21cm model retails for £15.99. However, you can pick them up for as little as a fiver each. The larger ones tend to be cheaper, as presumably they're not quite so popular with anglers over here. Worth a shot if you're trying to single out larger pike.

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