How to tie the Span Flex Grey Boy Buzzer

The Grey Boy Buzzer is a popular buzzer pattern for early season, and this Span Flex variant is one of my personal favourite patterns.

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The Grey Boy Buzzer comes in all shapes and sizes, but this Span Flex Grey Boy Buzzer by Mak Flies is one of my personal favourite patterns.

Mak ties his on a Kamasan B110 hook using black UTC 70 Ultra Thread as the base and white Span Flex (or Flexi Floss) for the ribbing.

By tying the Span Flex in behind the head and below the rear of the hook, he manages to get a really smooth finish. The open turns wound back up towards the head give the Grey Boy Buzzer its distinctive ribbed appearance and make it quick and easy to tie.

I've always found tying in Span Flex buzzer cheeks to be a right pain, but there's a very handy technique shown here that can help you get an even finish and perfectly aligned cheeks.

Colouring in some of the white Span Flex with a permanent marker pen helps add a distinctive finishing touch and shows nicely through the UV resin when finished.

If you like this pattern, it's well worth subscribing to Mak's excellent YouTube channel which features some exquisitely tied fly patterns and lots of useful fly tying advice.

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