FNF Jelly Fritz review

FNF Jelly Fritz is different to most gel core blob fritz fly tying materials, being both easier to tie and better looking when wet.

FNF Jelly Fritz review
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FNF Jelly Fritz review
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FNF Jelly Fritz review
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What is FNF Jelly Fritz?

FNF Jelly Fritz is a new fly tying material from Frozen North Fly Fishing, which is run by Scottish angler Kevin Porteous, and is designed for making blobs and other fritz-based flies.

It's slightly less bristly than most other gel core fritz materials and looks slightly different when wet, which gives the flies a different more translucent property to some other blobs.

Kevin Porteous showing how easy it is to use.

How easy is it to tie?

FNF Jelly Fritz is probably the easiest fritz to tie with. Simply take a short length, soak it for a few seconds in a bowl of warm water then run it through a towel to get rid of the excess water and it's ready to tie.

With each wrap, fold the fibres back as you would when tying in a hackle and you'll end up with a neat and streamline blob in which the fritz fibres neatly lay on top of each other. This gives an excellent, slightly less bulky profile to other fritz materials.

To finish the fly, all you need to do is hold back the fibres when you reach the head, lock the fritz in place with a couple of turns, build up a head, chop of the fritz and whip finish.

You can tie a whole box of blobs in an afternoon at the vise.

How does it look when wet?

FNF Jelly Fritz seems to soak up water a little more than other blob fritz materials and this gives the fly a soft, shiny and slightly translucent appearance. Flies tied with Jelly Fritz look slightly different when wet to those tied in regular fritz.

It can, of course, be used to make blobs of different colours and you can get some interesting effects by combining it with other fritz materials, too.

How effective is it?

I've found it really effective stuff for blobs, both on small stillwaters like Ellerdine and large reservoirs like Llyn Brenig. The team behind it are International fly fishers, so you'd expect it to be good stuff.

The orange fritz and the pinky coloured ones are especially effective, both as standard blobs and as bigger lures with longer marabou tails.

What colours are available?

FNF Jelly Fritz comes in a wide range of colours, including green, yellow and various shades of orange and costs just over £3 a pack. I picked mine up at Ellerdine Lakes and will definitely be buying some more.

If you like this, you'll probably also like FNF Chewing Gum, which is similarly effective stuff! It's been covered in some of our other fly fishing gear reviews.

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