5 Czech nymph patterns for grayling and trout

Czech nymphs are really popular fly patterns for trout and grayling. Here are five great Czech nymph patterns to tie.

5 Czech nymph patterns for grayling and trout
© Ruben Martin
5 Czech nymph patterns for grayling and trout
Picture copyright © Ruben Martin
5 Czech nymph patterns for grayling and trout
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What are Czech nymphs?

As the name suggests, Czech nymphs are a kind of nymph pattern first made popular by fly fishers in the Czech Republic. They've become popular across the world and are regarded as one of the best patterns to use when nymphing for trout and grayling on fast flowing rivers and streams.

How do you fish Czech nymphs?

These heavily weighted flies are fished using a method known as Czech nymphing. This is a fly-line-less method in which you use a long tapered leader instead of a fly line and rely on the weight of the flies to let you log them a short distance upstream.

The flies are then guided back downstream by raising the rod high and moving it along at the same speed as the current. A brightly coloured inline strike indicator is used to detect the bite, and you strike whenever it stops or dips.

What hooks are Czech nymphs tied on?

Czech nymphs have a curved profile so are always tied on curved hooks. You can use a standard buzzer or grub hook if you like, but there are also some really nice specialist Czech nymph hooks available which can give your flies a really great look.

How do you weight Czech nymphs?

Most Czech nymphs have an underbody made from either lead or lead-free wire or tape, or more rarely, they have a bead hidden within the body. Adhesive backed lead foil or tape tends to be the most popular material for adding weight because it's less bulky and allows you to build up a natural looking taper for your fly.

1. Clown Czech nymph pattern

Ruben Martin Flies / YouTube.

Hook: Size 6 Tiemco 2499SP-BL nymph hook
Underbody: Adhesive backed lead
Rib: Medium gold wire
Back: Clear shellback
Thorax: Various SLF dubbings
Thorax: Black seals fur dubbing
Thread: Black thread

2. Cheat's Czech nymph pattern

FishingWales / YouTube.

Hook: Size 12 Partridge Patriot Grub hook
Underbody: Adhesive backed lead
Rib: Medium gold wire
Thorax: Hare dubbing
Body: Warsi Natural Fur Blend dubbing
Back: Hends Body Glass in clear
Thread: Veevus 12/0 olive thread

3. Rhyacophila Czech nymph pattern

AP Fly Tying / YouTube.

Hook: Size 10 Partridge Czech nymph hook
Underbody: Adhesive backed lead
Rib: Black UTC Ultra wire
Flash: Thin UTC Mirage Tinsel
Thorax: Hare's mask dubbing
Body: Olive hare's ear dubbing
Back: Nymph Skin coloured-in
Thread: Veevus 8/0 black thread

4. Vibrant Pink UV Czech nymph pattern

Makflies / YouTube.

Hook: Size 12 heavy grub hook
Underbody: Adhesive backed lead
Rib: Clear monofilament
Body: Mixed pink UV dubbing
Back: Blue UV film
Thread: Veevus 8/0 fluoro pink thread

5. McPhail's Czech style nymph pattern

Davie McPhail / YouTube.

Hook: Size 10 Czech nymph hook
Underbody: Adhesive backed lead
Rib: Clear 3lb monofilament
Body: Hare's mask dubbing in olive with ice dub
Back: Wapsi Scud Back in light olive
Thread: UTC 70 yellow olive thread

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