4 Apps bloodworm fly patterns for trout

The Apps bloodworm is one of the easiest fly patterns to tie, but it's extremely effective, whether pulled or fished under a bung.

4 Apps bloodworm fly patterns for trout
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4 Apps bloodworm fly patterns for trout
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4 Apps bloodworm fly patterns for trout
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The Apps bloodworm trout fly was developed by British competition fly angler Peter Appleby and is one of the most widely used trout flies in the UK, as well as one of the simplest to tie.

Although it's named "bloodworm", the Apps bloodworm is way too big to resemble a bloodworm, but probably does a decent job of resembling a worm.

It can be fished in a variety of ways, but it's usually fished alongside other flies and pulled in a jerky retrieve which makes the elastic Span Flex body wiggle enticingly. It's also a great pattern to use under the bung!

Red beaded Apps bloodworm

The original Apps bloodworm didn't use any beads on the body, but the addition of a few small red glass beads can help add weight which gives the fly a jerkier more wiggly motion.

Hook: Kamasan B175, size 10
Body: Red glass beads
Tail: Red Span Flex
Thread: Red thread

Brandling worm fly

Matthew Pate's Brandling worm fly is similar to the original Apps bloodworm but uses a mixture of orange thread and flash to create a body with a more segmented appearance, similar to that of a brandling earthworm. I've been using a similar pattern and it works really well.

Hook: Partridge Straight Grub Hook, size 10
Body: Neon orange flash
Tail: Claret Span Flex
Thread: Hot orange

Threadless beaded Apps bloodworm

If you're new to fly tying, the Threadless beaded Apps bloodworm is pretty much as easy to tie as you can get. You don't even need to use any thread. It's just a series of beads and some pieces of Span Flex tied and superglued to a hook.

Hook: Kamasan B175, size 10
Body: Red glass beads
Tail: Red Span Flex
Thread: None

Green Apps bloodworm

Proving that the Apps doesn't have to be red, this Green pattern being tied by Kieron Jenkins is another dead easy pattern to tie. A pale yellow coloured Span Flex is also similarly effective on stillwaters, especially during the winter months.

Hook: Kamasan B175, size 10
Body: Pale green thread
Tail: Green Span Flex
Thread: Pale green thread

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