Wychwood Lure Mode fluorocarbon review

Wychwood Lure Mode fluorocarbon is a stiff leader material aimed at turning over lures when fly fishing and has proven fairly reliable.

Wychwood Lure Mode fluorocarbon review
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Wychwood Lure Mode fluorocarbon review
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Wychwood Lure Mode fluorocarbon review
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What is Wychwood Lure Mode fluorocarbon?

Wychwood Lure Mode is a fluorocarbon leader material which, as the name suggests, is designed for pulling lures rather than fishing nymphs or dries. Like other fluorocarbon leader materials, Lure Mode has a lower refractive index than regular monofilaments or copolymers, which makes it harder for fish to see in clear water and can therefore increase your chances of catching fish.

Wychwood Lure Mode is aimed at pulling lures, obviously...

What's it like to use?

We've been using Lure Mode fluorocarbon in 8lb and 10lb variations for a couple of months now. It's a nice stiff line so it turns over well, doesn't tangle too easily and works well with droppers. It's actually pretty good for fishing buzzers, as well as lures, due to these properties. It feels a strong line and has got a little bit of stretch to it, which can cushion you a bit from smash takes.

It has proven to be fairly reliable for us but it's not been 100% dependable. It knots well with no pigtailing and we've had few breakages from fish. However, we have had a few snaps, probably due to a lack of sufficient moisture, rather than any issue with the line itself. It's not concerned me too much, but it was enough to make sure I always wetted my knots and tested them afterwards.

Lure Mode has proved fairly reliable and effective.

How's the abrasion resistance?

Obviously, that's not something I can measure, but as it's a harder, stiffer line, abrasion resistance seems pretty decent. In fact, George even managed to land a pike on a hare's ear fly on a recent trip to Pitsford when using Wychwood Lure Mode!

It's tough stuff. This pike took a shrimp pattern and stayed attached.

What are the specifications?

There's not a huge amount of information available on Wychwood Lure Mode. It's sold in chunky looking 50m spools fitted with a stretchy spool tender band to keep the line from unravelling and it comes in breaking strains from 3lb to 10lb. Wychwood also makes a more premium version, which is a fraction thinner than lure mode and is a bit more limp, making that a better choice for dries or nymphs.

Breaking strain Diameter Length
3lbs 0.15mm 50m
5lbs 0.17mm 50m
6lbs 0.19mm 50m
8lbs 0.22mm 50m
10lbs 0.25mm 50m
The stiff qualities make it good for buzzer droppers too.

How much does it cost?

This is a very inexpensive fluorocarbon as they go. It costs just £5.49 for a 50m spool which is very good value for money. Wychwood makes another fluoro called Ghost Mode, which is roughly 10% thinner for the same breaking strain and therefore slightly more expensive than this version at £8.49 per 50m spool. For most people, Lure Mode should be more than adequate, I reckon, and it's reliable enough, providing you wet and test your knots...

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