Wychwood Connect Series Distance Ghost Intermediate fly line review

The Wychwood Connect Series Distance Ghost Intermediate fly line is soft, supple and stealthy and casts long distances with ease.

Wychwood Connect Series Distance Ghost Intermediate fly line review
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Wychwood Connect Series Distance Ghost Intermediate fly line review
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Wychwood Connect Series Distance Ghost Intermediate fly line review
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What is the Wychwood Connect Series Distance Ghost Intermediate fly line?

The Distance Ghost Intermediate is Wychwood's fast intermediate fly line for fishing subsurface. It's one of three models in the Connect Series lineup which are designed specifically for making it easy to cast longer distances. Intermediates like this are ideal for fishing lures - weighted or unweighted - and retrieving on a level plane a foot or two below the water surface. This is a faster sinking intermediate which drops at 2 inches per second (2 IPS). Such lines a very versatile and work well all year round.

I've got a couple of Wychwood Connect Series Rocket Distance floating lines in #6 and #7 guises and really like using them. They're great fun to cast. Just get the head outside the tip, build up a bit of line speed and let the line go. They fly for miles. Both lines are 120' long (30' longer than a regular fly line) and can be cast 90-100' with relative ease by a good caster. It's also possible to chuck the entire line, with sufficient room behind you.

I got the #6 version of this line.

What profile does it have?

This is one of a handful of Wychwood fly lines which use the excellent Energy Taper profile. This special weight forward taper is designed for distance casting and works really well if you have a bit of room behind you.

Wychwood says: "Energy Taper lines offer a long belly that has been moved further forward. Whereas our normal distance lines have a 5-metre belly, the ET lines feature one that is 9.7m long and this means that once out of the tip ring, there's more weight to load the rod."

Picture copyright © Wychwood.

What colour is it?

This line has a white braided core, a transparent head and a thin yellow running line. As the braided core is visible through the transparent head, this line doesn't disappear from view when wet, as other true clear intermediates do, but it's still fairly stealthy. Mine has a few spots of yellow on the head seemingly where the dye has transferred from the running line, but it's only a minor imperfection.

The head is clear but the white braid is visible inside, giving it a ghostly white look.

Does it have welded loops?

Yes, there's a welded loop at the tip end and a cut end on the running line. I connected my backing with a grinner knot and it held very securely and didn't pull the coating off, forming a nice neat knot.

How does the Distance Ghost Intermediate feel in the hand?

Like other Wychwood fly lines, the Ghost Intermediate feels soft and supple in the hand. There's a little coil memory. It has started to need a little stretching prior to use, but it's not too bad. The head felt a little sticky at first but, like most intermediates, it slickened up when the reel had been dunked in the water to lubricate it.

Casts a long way with minimal effort.

What's it like to use?

The Ghost Intermediate shares the same taper as the Wychwood Distance Rocket lines I use and casts just as well, if not better. As the line is a bit denser, it seems to load the rod slightly more than the floater and really zips through the rings when wet. I was casting this 90' with relatively little effort. It sinks well - roughly two inches per second - but took a few casts to wear in and start sinking evenly, which I believe is due to chemical residues present on the line from manufacturing.

Casting wise, as with the Distance Rocket line, you don't want to have too much of the head outside the tip as the thin running line isn't capable of supporting the loop and the line will hinge and the loop will collapse. Instead, aerialise just the head. You'll really feel it load once it's in the right spot. Then, all you need to do is keep your tracking straight, give a little haul and watch the line shoot out. It really does go a long way very easily! It's a fun line to cast.

How much does it cost?

Like the other Energy Taper lines in the Wychwood range, these are slightly more expensive than their other models, retailing for £34.99. That's very good value for money I think - a good £10-20 cheaper than similar lines from rival brands. This line is fairly well made, casts long distances very easily and is great fun to use. It's a good choice if you're looking for an intermediate and want something you can chuck a long way to cover more fish.

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