Vision Valu fly reel review

The Vision Valu fly reel is a die cast aluminium fly reel based on a similar design to the more expensive Kalu and GT fly reels.

Vision Valu fly reel review
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Vision Valu fly reel review
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Vision Valu fly reel review
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What is the Vision Valu fly reel designed for?

The design of the Valu will be familiar to anyone who already owns another Vision fly reel, as it's nearly identical in appearance to their more expensive Kalu and GT fly reels. These are priced at the low-to-mid end of Vision's range and are well suited to trout and grayling fishing on stillwaters or rivers.

Is this a die cast or machined aluminium reel?

The Vision Valu is made from die cast aluminium. This is a quicker, less labour intensive construction technique than carving one from a block of solid aluminium, so this helps keep the price down. Die cast reels are the norm at the low to mid end of the fly reel market and do the job fine.

The finish isn't as hard and shiny as an anodised aluminium reel, but for general light trout fishing they hold up fairly well, and are very good value for money. The Vision Valu feels well made and the quality of the aluminium and fittings is good.

What drag does the Vision Valu use?

The drag is apparently made from discs of stainless steel and carbon fibre. It feels similar to the drags on other Vision reels I've used, so may well be based on the same innards I suspect. It's nice and quiet, so the clicking won't embarrass you on the bank, and it's powerful enough to stop most trout.

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What sizes are they?

These are all large arbour fly reels, so they pick up line quickly and help keep fly lines free of coils. There are three sizes available: a #3/4 for fishing for trout and grayling on rivers, a #5/6 for general small stillwater trout fishing and a big #7/8 model for fishing larger stillwaters, or holding bigger fly lines. Mine's the biggest model.

What colours does it come in?

The Vision Valu is available in two colours. Mine is called Shadow Green and is a sort of silvery-grey with a pale greenish tinge. The other colour is called Cognac Brown, and that's a sort of darker grey with a brownish tinge. Both look nice and subtle.

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Are they any good?

Yes, the Vision Valu is a decent fly reel. It's of average weight - not hugely heavy, but not featherweight either; it has decent build quality, looks OK, holds plenty of line and has a good quality drag. There's not really much wrong with it.

How much do they cost?

These retail for £99.99. That's not bad, but for a fraction more you could get a Sage 2200. This looks cooler, has a better drag and, should you ever want to sell it, will hold it's value really well. I'd personally spend a few quid more and get the Sage instead.

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