Vision Tube Fly Box review

The Vision Tube Fly Box is a tough polycarbonate plastic fly box ideal for holding salmon and sea trout tube flies. However, unless you use only shorter flies you'll want to buy the three compartment version to avoid your flies getting squashed when you close the box.

Vision Tube Fly Box review
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Vision Tube Fly Box review
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Vision Tube Fly Box review
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What is the Vision Tube Fly Box?

The Vision Tube Fly Box is a specialist fly box with compartments instead of the usual slotted foam or silicone base which allows it to be used for salmon and sea trout tube flies which are not fitted with hooks.

Although they're primarily designed for tube flies, I actually use one for my smaller pike fly patterns which are about 8-10cm in length. They're also fine for big trout streamers too. They have quite a cool looking design with a pattern of fish silhouettes printed on the back.

The medium Tube Fly Box has five vertical compartments.

What size flies will it hold?

There are two fly boxes in the Vision Tube Fly Box range - both of them are the same size at 14.6cm x 8.1cm x 2.1cm - but they have a different arrangement of compartments inside. The medium one I have has five compartments spanning the height of the fly box, while the large model has three compartments which span the length of the box.

The medium one could do with being a bit taller. Standard tube flies are just a fraction too long, so you may find that bits of your tube flies stick out and get squashed when you close the lid. The larger model with its horizontal compartments running the length of the box is arguably a more practical design for most tube flies.

The medium box has five vertical compartments for tube flies.

What's it like to use?

The Vision Tube Fly Box is nice and light and very compact so you can easily fit it inside a jacket pocket. It's made from tough polycarbonate plastic, is easy to open and contains plenty of room for all the tube flies you're likely to need for a day on the river. The only downside is the fact that the medium one is a bit too short for most tube flies, so unless you only use shorter patterns, I'd be inclined to pick the large model with three compartments instead.

Standard tube flies are just a tad too long for the medium sized box.

How much do these boxes cost?

Both the five compartment medium Vision Tube Fly Box and the three compartment large box cost £5.99, which is a reasonable price to pay.

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