Stonfo Realistic Eggs review

Purists, look away now. Stonfo Realistic Eggs are a fly tying material for creating lifelike fish egg imitations without the need for any fly tying skills.

Stonfo Realistic Eggs review
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Stonfo Realistic Eggs review
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Stonfo Realistic Eggs review
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What are Stonfo Realistic Eggs?

Realistic Eggs are soft, heavy, rubbery beads that can be used to "tie" egg fly patterns that closely resemble real fish eggs, which are a major food source for trout and grayling at certain times of the year. Needless to say, this is not a fly tying material or a fly pattern for the purist fly fisher or fly tyer. They do look incredibly real, though.

Realistic Eggs come on a moulded rubber backing.

What are egg flies and where are they used?

Salmonid fish species, such as trout and grayling, are naturally attracted to eggs and can feed heavily upon them during the spawning seasons, so fly tyers have created a range of fly patterns to mimic them. They're most popular in the US, where they're used to target trout, steelhead, and salmon on rivers. However, they work over here, too.

That said, people who use them over here are sometimes viewed in the same light as those terrible folk who suspend blobs and worm patterns beneath indicators! In the US, some fly fishers have moved away from egg fly patterns based on synthetic tying materials such as yarn, to the use of beads. These ones are a kind of evolution of that approach.

How do you use them to make egg flies?

Realistic Eggs have a hollow central core into which you can insert your hook, so you simply remove the bead from the rubber mould upon which they're supplied and slide it onto your hook, just like attaching a regular brass bead. They can also be attached "hair rig" style, allowing you to create a little egg cluster. 

There's virtually no real tying involved with these.

What are they like to "tie"?

I threaded the 7mm Realistic Eggs onto de-barbed Kamasan B110 Grubber buzzer hooks and just popped the point through the side to secure in place. I could have placed a little glue there or some UV resin, but they seem to hold well enough without. There's no thread or other materials in sight!

I used Kamasan B110 Grubber hooks with the 7mm eggs.

Realistic Eggs certainly look like the real thing - they're soft, squidgy, translucent and just the right shade of orange. If you nestled them in with a tray of real fish eggs you'd probably struggle to tell them apart, and they certainly look far more like real fish eggs that egg flies tied from yarn.

What sizes are available?

Stonfo Realistic Eggs come in three sizes - 5mm, 6mm and 7mm. The 5-6mm ones are a close match for trout eggs, while the 7mm ones look like salmon eggs.

How much do they cost?

Stonfo Realistic Eggs cost around £4 for a pack of 20, making the cost per fly as low as 20p. While definitely not for the purist, they look really effective and make incredibly realistic egg flies. If you're going to fish these, or any other egg fly patterns, do be careful as fish can sometimes swallow them.

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