Stonfo Nippers review

Stonfo Nippers have a comfy rubberised grip, razor-sharp blades and a recessed needle to let you remove varnish from hook eyes.

Stonfo Nippers review
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Stonfo Nippers review
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Stonfo Nippers review
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What's special about Stonfo Nippers?

Stonfo Nippers are very neatly manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and feature comfy rubberised grips to give you extra traction when holding them with cold or wet hands. They're razor-sharp and will cut through tippet of every diameter with ease.

Good quality razor sharp nippers with comfy grips.

Do they have a hook eye cleaner?

Yes, the top end of the nippers has a small recessed needle concealed in a tiny well to stop you jabbing yourself with it. Should you pull a fly from your box which has varnish blocking the eye, you can simply poke the needle through the eye to allow you to thread it onto your tippet.

There's a recessed needle at one end to remove varnish from hook eyes.

What are they like to use?

Stonfo Nippers are comfortable to use and razor sharp. They give a clean, neat cut on tippet and leader of all diameters - from really fine 3lb line right up to 25lb fluorocarbon butt section. When we shredded a welded loop on one of our fly lines mid-trip, they even went through the fly line and its braided core without a hitch, allowing us to tie on a new leader.

These are good quality nippers.

How much do they cost?

These are decent quality nippers and are mid-priced as these go. Expect to pay £6-8 a pair for these in the UK.

More information: Stonfo

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