Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard review

The Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard is a heavy duty rubber fishing lanyard with attachment points for all the tools you need for a day on the water.

Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard review
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Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard review
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Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard review
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What is the Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard for?

The Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard is a bit like a utility belt for the fly fisher. The lanyard is worn around your neck like a necklace and is covered with attachment points to which you can fix all the bits and pieces you need for a day on the water.

It gives you instant access to your nippers, forceps, leader straightener and other tools without the need to rummage through bags or pockets or remember where you put them. It's much lighter and more comfortable to wear than a vest or pack, so is perfect for those who like to travel light.

This moulded lanyard features numerous tool attachment points.

Does this fishing lanyard come with any tools?

No, like most other lanyards, this one is supplied naked and you'll need to add your own tools to it before use. It features seven attachment clips with swivels on them to which you can attach the tools of your choice. The swivels rotate freely and the clips are nice and strong, so any expensive tools you attach shouldn't fall off.

There are also lots of holes punched into the lanyard into which you can add additional clips, should you find that six aren't enough for all the bits and pieces you want to carry. It's more versatile than the average fishing lanyard.

A wide range of tools and retractors are available to customise your lanyard.

Is there somewhere to keep spools of tippet?

Most other fishing lanyards, like the Guideline Ghillie Lanyard and the Mountain River Guide Lanyard that Orvis sell, feature a plastic spool tender bar in the middle of the lanyard. That's absent from this lanyard, but there is a removable strap which I think is designed to serve the same purpose - at least, that's what I've used it for. It works just as well.

Tippet spools can be attached to the removable strap.

What features does this fishing lanyard have?

The Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard is made from strong moulded rubber, rather than the usual paracord and EVA foam tubes of competing products and feels very robust and well put together.

The tool attachment points swivel and rotate so your accessories will lie flat, won't get twisted, and are very easy to access. The supplied clips are strong and easy to open and fit a wide range of accessories, from nippers to leader straighteners. You can also attach retractors to them to give you extra reach.

The tool attachment points swivel and rotate.

What is the neck strap like?

The neck strap is made from the same moulded rubber-like material and is wide and flat so it doesn't dig in, even when you attach lots of gadgets. While arguably not as soft on the skin as the more common neoprene foam used on most lanyard neck straps, it's certainly not uncomfortable and you soon forget you're wearing it.

This neck strap is more comfortable than it looks.

What's it like to use?

I've been a lanyard user since I started fly fishing and would feel naked fishing without one. The instant access to your tools means there's no need to try and remember which pocket or bag they're in. Everything is always where you know it will be and can be accessed quickly. If you haven't tried one, I'd highly recommend you do!

The Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard performs just as well as the others but is a bit more extensible, thanks to the extra holes and attachment points. The only notable downside of this one is the lack of the integrated fly patches you usually find on most other lanyards. Those neoprene tube fly patches you get on regular fishing lanyards are handy things, so it's a shame they're missing from this product. This means you'll need to invest in a small lanyard fly patch or fly box to make this fully usable. 

The Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard works really well.

How much does this lanyard cost?

The Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard is practical, well made and should last you many years. It sells for around £30. You can attach pretty much anything to it, but make sure you buy some kind of fly patch, as this model doesn't have the usual fly patch tubes found on most other lanyards.

More information: Stonfo

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