Stonefly Rod Caddie fly rod stand review

Fish with two fly rods? The Stonefly Rod Caddie fly rod stand keeps your spare rod safe from being stepped upon while you're fishing.

Stonefly Rod Caddie fly rod stand review
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Stonefly Rod Caddie fly rod stand review
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Stonefly Rod Caddie fly rod stand review
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How does the Stonefly Rod Caddie work?

The Stonefly Rod Caddie (or Caddy, if you prefer) is a fly rod holder with a ground spike. You push the spike into the ground next to the spot in which you're fishing and leave your spare fly rod in the Caddie, made up and ready to go. When you want to switch from an intermediate line to a floater, you just need to swap rods.

While you're fishing, your spare rod is much better protected from being stepped upon by yourself or other anglers. It also makes it much easier to carry multiple rods as you're walking around the fishery or along the river, and it stops them from banging against each other.

Quality is OK, but not amazing. There are some sharp edges here and there and it doesn't feel hugely robust. That said, after six months of use, mine still works fine, so maybe I'm just splitting hairs.

Does the Rod Caddie grip fly rods tightly?

Yes, the two holders and effectively big open clips which clamp down on the rod and wrap around the handle. I've never had a rod fall out and they provide a fairly firm hold, yet still allow you to get the rod out with ease.

Though I have never used it, there's a screw adjuster at the rear of the clips which, presumably, allows you to make them looser or tighter to fit rods with larger or smaller cork grips. Mine comfortably holds anything from an 8# Loop Evotec (with it's funny octagonal handle) to a more delicate #4 or #5 rod.

Will the Rod Caddie damage the cork fly rod grip?

Mine hasn't, but I suspect that regular use might lead to some wear and tear. It's worth being careful when inserting and removing your rod. The edges could do with being a little more rounded or fitted with some foam padding to protect delicate cork grips.

Is it easy to insert into the ground?

Yes, on soft ground it will slide in easily. Oddly, the ground spike slides up and down within the body of the Rod Caddie, so you'll need to hold onto the the little balls to keep it in position. A little thing to press your foot upon might have made this easier to use on firmer ground.

How much are they and where can I get one?

The Stonefly Rod Caddie costs around £15 and is available from a small selection of online fly fishing retailers. Apparently they've now been discontinued, so I had to look around for mine, so if you're interested in one, you may need to be quick.

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