Smith Creek Net Holster review

The Smith Creek Net Holster makes it easier to access your net while wading and you don't need to be a contortionist to reattach it.

Smith Creek Net Holster review
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Smith Creek Net Holster review
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Smith Creek Net Holster review
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What is the Smith Creek Net Holster for?

The Smith Creek Net Holster attaches to the back of your wading belt and allows you to insert your wading net handle so you can carry your net without it flapping around and access it quickly and easily when wading in the river.

Why not just attach your net to a D ring?

Not every jacket has a D ring on the back, and they're often missing from sling packs and chest packs, and sometimes it's just too warm to wear a jacket, which makes attaching your scoop net a bit trickier.

You also need to be a bit of a contortionist to grab a net from a D ring and it can be really fiddly to try and reattach the net to the magnet.

As this belt mounted landing net holster is positioned much lower down your back, it's easier to grab, easier to replace, and it doesn't flap about or come unattached from a magnet.

The net tucks neatly out of the way.

How does it attach to your wading belt?

The metal clip on the Net Holster has a gap on each side through which you can thread your belt. If you've got an integral wading belt on your waders, or can't be bothered to remove it to attach the clip, there are also a couple of slots, which let you push the belt into place.

What size wading belt will this fit?

The slot in the Net Holster is about 4-5cm wide so will take pretty much every normal wading belt going. I used the standard wading belt supplied on my Vision waders and it fitted perfectly. However, it's actually more practical to use it when attached to a separate belt, I think.

What size net handle will fit in the holster?

There's a Velcro patch on the net holster which allows you to adjust the diameter. I tried it on a Vision Sili silicone trout scoop net and a Greys GS scoop net and both fitted.

What is the net holster made from?

The belt clip itself is made from smooth, metallic green anodised aluminium, while the holster is made from really sturdy, thick black webbing. It's stylish and beautifully made and looks built to last. It oozes quality.

Reaching the net is really easy.

What is it like to use?

I usually attach my wading net to the D ring at the top of my Simms Guide Jacket. That works OK, but the magnetic attachment at the top of the net often comes loose while walking and the net drops to the floor.

You then have to reach upwards, try and find the right spot for the magnet and get it to reattach. It's a right pain. Sometimes it's such a struggle that I have to remove my jacket to reattach the net or ask my son to do it for me.

The Smith Creek Net Holster is so much better than using a D ring.

With the Smith Creek Net Holster, the net stays in place when you're walking, it doesn't flap around or fall out and it is really easy to reach when you're landing a fish. Getting it back into the holster is a doddle because you don't have to reach upwards. It makes everything really convenient and practical.

A slightly bigger opening would be helpful, though. It does open up a bit wider to take a thicker net handle, but even on the maximum setting, I found it a bit of a squeeze to push mine back in. However, I guess there's a tradeoff between the going in easily and the net not falling out...

Can I attach a lanyard to the net?

You probably don't need to, as it's quite unlikely that your net will fall out, but there is a handy hole at the top of the Net Holster to which you could attach a lanyard if you want to. That's probably wise if you fish in faster flowing water, since your net can't be swept away if you drop it.

How much do they cost?

These retail in the UK for about £34.99. This is a little bit more than a net retractor, but retractors wear out after a few years and this should last pretty much forever. If you wade regularly, you'll find this a really useful gadget.

More information: Smith Creek

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