Scierra Trout Net review

The Scierra Trout Net is really solidly made for such an inexpensive net. If you want a larger trout net, it's a great choice.

Scierra Trout Net review
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Scierra Trout Net review
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Scierra Trout Net review
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How big is the Scierra Trout Net?

The Scierra Trout Net comes in two sizes: Medium and Large. The Medium sized net is 30cm wide and 40cm long and has a 40cm deep mesh bag. The Large sized net is 38cm wide and 50cm long with a 55cm deep mesh bag.

I use the larger Scierra Trout Net when I'm trout fishing at waters where the trout grow a little larger, as well as when I'm lure fishing in waters containing smaller fish, like perch and small jack pike.

What's the handle like?

The handle is ergonomically designed, comfortable and grippy thanks to a series of rubbery grooves. The handle is about 20cm long, so these nets are only really suitable for the wading fly fisher or at places where you can get down close to the water to net the fish. It's not a practical net for fly fishers perched high up on a bank or reservoir wall.

What size fish can I land with this net?

Unlike many other trout nets, the mesh bag on the Scierra Trout Net is nice and deep at 40-55cm depending on the model.

This means that when you get a reasonable sized fish inside, they sit deep within the net and are unlikely to make a leap for freedom that might see them coming crashing down on the hard ground below.

The large Scierra Trout Net is easily capable of taking a fish getting on for double figures. I've had 7-8lb pike in mine - just.

What's the frame made from?

The Scierra Trout Net has a black aluminium frame. It's very sturdy and resilient and I can't see that it would break in a hurry. After a couple of seasons of heavy use mine's now getting a bit scuffed, but it still works well.

How's the mesh?

The Scierra Trout Net uses a soft, black Shake 'n' Dry mesh. This is really good. It's gentle on the fish and you can expel any trapped water and slime by giving it a fast swoop downwards.

The mesh bag of the net is neatly stitched onto the frame via a hem. Everything is very tidy and the quality of the build belies the low price tag.

The only minor drawback of the Scierra Trout Net (and indeed all nets with a similar knitted mesh) is that hooks (especially the trebled variety) can get stuck in it.

Often I've found it quicker and better for the attached fish to simple cut a hole in the net, so now mine is looking somewhat the worse for wear.

It was for that reason that I splashed out on the fancy Vision Sili Trout Net, however, in retrospect that wasn't the best of purchases...

Any drawbacks?

There's only one minor niggle with this net. There's a very large elasticated strap in the end of the handle, which is quite useful.

You can sling this over your head and shoulder and keep the net within easy reach. However, after a year or so, the strap on mine wore through and it's not easy to replace it.

Instead, I've reattached the strap to the sides of the net instead, which isn't very attractive, but still works just as well. A proper ring fitting in the end would make the Scierra Trout Net much better.

How much is the Scierra Trout Net?

The Scierra Trout Net retails for £15.99, which is really good value given the build quality and design. I've certainly got fifteen quid's worth of use out of mine.

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