Scierra Intermediate Pike Leader

The Scierra Intermediate Pike Leader is an intermediate density polyleader with a wire trace on one end designed for pike on the fly.

Scierra Intermediate Pike Leader
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Scierra Intermediate Pike Leader
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Scierra Intermediate Pike Leader
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What is the Scierra Intermediate Pike Leader?

This leader is specifically designed for fishing for pike on the fly. It consists of an intermediate density polyleader and an integrated wire trace to which you can attach your pike fly and fish in the confidence that you're unlikely to be bitten off. It also greatly aids turnover, which can be tricky when fishing big, bulky fly patterns.

This leader is great for perch and pike fly fishing.

How does this leader work?

The polyleader design basically acts like an extension to the tip of your regular fly line and is made from a tapered section of clear intermediate fly line with a monofilament core. The polyleader is six feet in length, with the final 25cm or so consisting of a wire trace joined and sealed to the tip of the leader.

As the energy from your cast transfers along the line much better with a polyleader, the fly flips over nicely as the end of the cast giving you far better presentation.

It makes casting big flies a bit easier.

What's it like to use?

Oddly, neither of our pike leaders came with a clip to allow us to attach our flies. We're not sure whether this was just an issue with ours, as it seems odd for these to be omitted. We added a small Savage Gear lure clip to the swivel on the tip end. This fitted through the eye of our perch and pike flies no problem and made fly changes quick and easy.

Our leaders didn't come with clips, so we attached some Savage Gear lure clips.

The rear of the polyleader is looped, so you can easily attach it to your fly line with a loop to loop connection. It casts OK and turns over flies well. The fact that it's intermediate also means it can be used on a floating line to let you fish subsurface or on a intermediate pike fly line. We used ours on the Barrio Predator pike fly lines - in floating and intermediate - and on a Loop intermediate and it worked well.

How much do these cost?

Scierra Intermediate Pike Leaders cost around £5.99, but can be picked up for half this price at some dealers.

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