Riverge tippet rings review

Riverge tippet rings help prolong the life of your leader, make it easier to add and remove droppers and save you money.

Riverge tippet rings review
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Riverge tippet rings review
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Riverge tippet rings review
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What are Riverge tippet rings for?

Riverge tippet rings are very tiny seamless metal leader rings that can be used to join tippet to your leader and to attach droppers.

Since tippet gets shorter every time you tie on a new fly, it needs replacing regularly. However, repeatedly tying on fresh tippet also decreases the length of your expensive tapered leader, and before long it will be too thick and short to use effectively without extending with new sections.

Using a tippet ring means you tie on a ring once, then attach fresh tippet to the other side when it needs replacing. That means you can make a tapered leader maintain its length and last you several trips - a whole season if you're lucky.

Can Riverge tippet rings be used for attaching droppers?

Yes. You can also use tippet rings to tie on droppers and take them off when they're no longer needed, or when they get tangled. Simply tie on a dropper to the side of the tippet ring.

Can tippet rings be used for dry fly fishing?

Yes. Riverge tippet rings are very tiny and very light in weight and are light enough to sit in the surface tension if you're using dry flies. If they sink you can Gink them up to help keep them afloat.

How good are Riverge tippet rings?

Riverge tippet rings, or Riverge Seamless Leader Rings to give them their formal name, are widely considered the best tippet rings on the market. Having used others I'd have to agree.

The Riverge ones are seamless, don't have any sharp edges and you can confidently tie on fluorocarbon, copolymer or nylon without the ring cutting into it and snapping the line when a fish takes. I find a Uni or Grinner knot works best of all and has never failed for me. 

How do you attach tippet rings without dropping them?

Attaching tippet rings is a bit fiddly as they're really, really tiny. Unfortunately, one drawback of the Riverge tippet rings, compared to some of the other brands, is that they come loose in the packet, so they're easy to spill and harder to attach to your leader.

Others brands of tippet ring, like the Caimore ones shown below, come pre-attached to a lure clip and it's worth taking a few minutes to attach Riverge rings to a similar thing, otherwise you'll find attaching them a bit fiddly.

If you attach all of the leader rings to a lure clip or safety pin, you can then pick the tippet ring closest to the top, tie on your leader and tippet while it's still attached to the clip, and then open it up and remove the ring.

Using a lure clip or safety pin avoids you dropping the contents of the packet and gives you something to hold onto when pulling your knots tight. However, my best advice is to tie the ring to your new tapered leaders as soon as you get them. It's much less fiddly.

Another neat tip is to wet your finger and put it inside the packet and pick up an individual leader ring. Place the ring on the palm of your hand, then push the leader through the hole. You should be able to thread it easily without dropping the ring. 

What size tippet rings are available?

Riverge Seamless Leader Rings come in several shapes and sizes. I use the circular 1.5mm ones which are fine for general trout fishing and come in a pack of 10.

The 3mm leader rings are better for heavier leaders. You can also get Riverge Oval Rings of 4.5mm for use when fishing for other species, and they've recently brought out a new black nickel version - though it's hard to tell the difference once attached. 

How much are tippet rings?

Riverge tippet rings are about £3 a packet - a couple of quid if you shop around. This is around twice the price of some of the others on the market. However, they're better quality, don't cut the line and are worth the extra cost. You'll also save money on replacing leaders too.

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