Rio Two-Tone Indicator Tippet review

Rio Two-Tone Indicator Tippet is a cost-effective way of creating sighters for Euro nymphing and is visible in a range of light levels. Featuring alternating bands of yellow and pink it makes it easier to see where you're fishing.

Rio Two-Tone Indicator Tippet review
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Rio Two-Tone Indicator Tippet review
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Rio Two-Tone Indicator Tippet review
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What is Rio Two Tone Indicator Tippet

Rio Two Tone (or 2-tone) Indicator Tippet is a brightly coloured nylon tippet material designed primarily to be used as a sighter or strike indicator when Euro nymphing. When fishing grayling bugs and Czech nymphs using this technique you're guiding the flies through the river at the same speed as the current. The nymphing sighter is used to help you spot where the line lies.

The material changes colour from very bright yellow to very bright pink every 20cm or so, which helps make it more visible in different light conditions. This means it's much easier to see when compared to an indicator made from a sighter with only one colour.

Rio Two-Tone Indicator tippet has alternating bands of hot pink and bright yellow.

How do you make a Euro nymphing sighter?

Euro nymphing sighters are very easy to make. I use a length of about 30-40cm of hi-viz indicator tippet and attach a small tippet ring to each end. The tippet ring means you can attach one end to your French leader and the other to your nymphing rig. As the French leader and indicator tippet is usually much heavier than the tippet at the end, if you snap off in a snag, all you need to do is tie on a new leader beneath. The indicator tippet can be left attached to the French leader and re-used again and again.

A 30-40cm length is usually sufficient. Tie a tippet ring on each end to make a reusable indicator.

What colours and sizes are in the range?

UK suppliers seem to only provide this tippet in the pink and chartreuse option I went for, but US suppliers also offer it in black and white. It's available in sizes from 1X to 6X and breaking strains from 11lb to 3lb. I went for the 2X, which comes in at 8.5lb, though the 1X at 11lb is arguably a better choice if you can find it.

X rating Breaking strain Diameter
1X 11lb 0.254mm
2X 8.5lb


3X 7lb


4X 6lb


5X 4.2lb


6X 3lb


What's it like to use?

We've been using this indicator tippet material when French nymphing on the River Dee for a couple of seasons now. It's easy to knock up indicators quickly and is much cheaper than purchasing separate indicators. The two-tone colours mean it's fairly visible, but it can be difficult to spot under certain light conditions. Adding some bands of black with a marker pen can help.

Ideal for Czech and French nymphing.

We've only used this as a Euro nymphing indicator, but Rio says you can also use it to create slinky indicators and Gink it up so it floats on the surface when fishing nymphs, effectively turning part of your leader into an indicator that lies flat on the water.

RIO Products / YouTube.

How much does this tippet material cost?

Rio Two Tone Indicator Tippet costs around £14.99 for a 30 yard/27.4m spool, so it's fairly expensive compared to regular tippet. However, given that you don't need very much to make the average nymphing sighter a spool should last you a good season or two, even if you fish regularly.

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