Patagonia Wading Boot Stud Kit review

The Patagonia Wading Boot Stud Kit includes 23 very chunky wader studs to screw into your wading boots to give you extra grip. They work brilliantly on all substrates and make wading much safer.

Patagonia Wading Boot Stud Kit review
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Patagonia Wading Boot Stud Kit review
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Patagonia Wading Boot Stud Kit review
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What's in the Patagonia Wading Boot Stud Kit?

The Patagonia Wading Boot Stud Kit includes 23 extra chunky studs in a resealable box. There's enough in the pack to equip a pair of wading boots with a full set of wading boot studs, plus a few left over in case any fall out.

Good studs make for safer wading.

What are they made from?

The studs Patagonia use are made from hardened, heat-treated steel. Like most other wading boot studs on the market, they're effectively just fancy screws. They're larger than most normal wading boot studs - significantly chunkier than the Greys Wading Boot Studs I used before, which was part of the attraction, as the Greys ones fell out after just a couple of trips.

These are chunkier than other wading boot studs I've used.

Are they easy to fit?

As the screws are thicker, these are not the easiest of things to get into your boots, but this also means they'll not fall out quite so easily either. They are self-tapping but you'll still need quite a bit of brute force to get them in, but they'll eventually lock in place and should seat very firmly. They work in both felted sole boots and those with cleated soles, too. Most wading boots with rubber soles have holes for studs already in place, and these do make installation a fraction easier, though it's still a pain.

They're a bit of a challenge to screw in.

How well do these wader studs work?

They work as well as any other wading boot studs I've used. I tend to fish the River Dee in Wales which is notorious for being a tricky place to wade. There are patches of mud, gravel, pebbles and lots of large boulder-strewn stretches where the rocks are extremely slippery. I've gone in several times!

Without wading boot studs wading can be very treacherous, but these make you much more sure-footed and provide tons of grip. The larger than normal head and the pointed top means there's lots of traction, whatever the substrate.

They're just the thing for wading the slippery River Dee.

Do they fall out easily?

Mine have stayed in place far better than the Greys Wading Boot Studs did. They did need a little tightening every few trips, but so far, none of them has fallen out yet, which is great.

How much are they?

The Patagonia Wading Boot Stud Kit costs around £10. Quite a bit for some posh screws, but they do work well and they make a big difference to wading and general safety, so that's probably a tenner well spent.

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