Magic Spiker snow and ice grips review

Magic Spiker grips attach to your boots to give extra traction when walking on snow and ice. They're also great for wading in rivers.

Magic Spiker snow and ice grips review
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Magic Spiker snow and ice grips review
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Magic Spiker snow and ice grips review
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What are Magic Spiker boot grips?

Magic Spiker boot grips are rubber attachments you strap onto the bottom of your boots to give you extra traction when walking on snow, ice or mud. They contain a small area of heavy-duty five-pointed metal studs on area under the ball of your foot which provide immense grip.

How do you attach Magic Spiker grips?

These are designed for temporary use so can be added or removed when you need them. You pull the front part over the toe of the boot, then stretch the rubber and pull the other end over the heel. Positioning them takes quite a bit effort, especially on larger boots. You also have to be careful not to let them ping off, otherwise, you risk getting smacked in the face from a rubber band equipped with metal spikes!

They're a pain to get on your boots...

What are they like for fishing?

I bought a pair of these to try when wading. I'd previously been using Greys Strata Wading Boot Studs which were nice and grippy, but fell out of my boots after just a few trips. I figured these might be a bit more resilient than some over priced screws.

However, although they fitted my size 11 walking boots and worked really well, they were too hard to get on my size 12 wading boots, despite being suitable for boots up to size 13. I ended up giving them to George for his wading boots instead.

You need to pull the back up over the heel to prevent them shooting off.

How do they compare to others on the market?

There are quite a few anti-slip snow and ice grip attachments on the market that you can attach to boots. The Magic Spiker ones are relatively basic compared to some of the others around, as they only have spikes under the front part of the boot. Some of the newer ones also include extra grip under the heel.

What are they like to use?

The Magic Spiker boot grips now live on George's wading boots. They feel securely fixed, aren't uncomfortable to wear and give lots of extra grip. Walking on wet grass tends to be quite risky in wading boots, but these make you feel a little more confident that you won't go arse over tit. When in the river they give lots of extra traction which makes wading much safer.

As they'll go over almost any boot, you can wear them on cleated or Vibram soled wading boots, as well as felt soled boots. You could even wear them with wellies or walking boots as I've also done if you're only walking on the banks.

The studs provide a lot of grip.

What size boots do they fit?

Magic Spiker snow and ice grips come in a few different sizes to suit different sized boots. I used a pair of the size 8-13 ones on my size 12 wading boots and they just go on. They're also available in a size 3-7.5 version for those with more dainty feet.

How much are they?

Magic Spiker boot grips cost just £5-10 from Amazon. That's as cheap as a set of wading boot studs and nearly as effective, but will probably last you much longer.

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