Loop Q fly fishing kit review

The Loop Q fly fishing kit is a premium fly fishing outfit including a stylish high-quality fly rod, reel and fly line and carry case. It's great to use, made from desirable and effective components and is very good value for money.

Loop Q fly fishing kit review
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Loop Q fly fishing kit review
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Loop Q fly fishing kit review
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What is the Loop Q fly fishing kit?

The Loop Q kit is a fly fishing kit which includes far better quality components than you'll see in your average set up. Like similar starter kits on the market, they include a fly rod, a fly reel, a matching fly line, and a rod and reel carrying case. However, while many often view fly fishing kits as inferior packages containing stuff you wouldn't need or want, these ones come with very good quality and rather desirable gear, rather than low-quality budget stuff.

Each kit is sold pre-configured and ready to use, with the line attached to the backing, spooled up and ready to go. All you need to do is put the sections together and tie on a fly! While fly fishing kits are generally aimed at the newcomer, the quality of components on these make them well suited to fly fishers of any level who are looking for a new set up which is perfectly balanced. They're available in various sizes to suit your target species and even cater for salmon and sea trout via larger double-handed rod kits.

The Loop Q fly fishing kit includes high-quality components.

What kits are available in the range?

Loop Q kits come in both single-handed and double-handed versions. There are three different single-handed Q kits in the range, which are all based on the new Loop Q rods and reels and come in three line weights - a 5 weight, 6 weight and 7 weight.

The 5 is a good choice for fishing rivers and small stillwaters, as well as for junior anglers, while the 6 weight is ideal for larger rivers medium-sized stillwaters, with the 7 being better suited to larger stillwaters or reservoirs, or those targeting bigger fish or casting bigger flies. If you want to target salmon and sea trout on rivers then there are also two double-handed fly fishing kits in the range, including a 13'2" 8 weight and a 15' 10 weight.

Single-handed fly fishing kits

Rod Line weight Rod length Rod action
LQR590-4MF 5 weight 9' Medium Fast
LQR690-4MF 6 weight 9' Medium Fast +
LQR790-4MF 6 weight 9' Medium Fast / Fast

Double-handed fly fishing kits

Rod Line weight Rod length Rod action
LQR8132-4MF 8 weight 13'2" Medium Fast +
LQR10150-4MF 10 weight 15' Medium Fast +
There are three kits in the single-handed range which cover 5wt, 6wt and 7wt lines to suit general trout and grayling fishing, plus two double-handed fly rods.

What is the Loop Q rod like?

The Q fly rods are Loop's entry-level rod range, but although they're cheaper than Loop's high-end rods, they look just as good and perform really well despite the lower pricetag. They're all four piece rods with smooth dark matte grey blanks with grey whippings, so they look stylish and understated and low on bling.

They have nice, basic fittings on them as well as a really nice reel seat which fits in very well with the understated look. The action varies from rod to rod, but most of them are Medium Fast in action. As a sweeping generalisation, this sort of action is fairly well suited to those who are newer to fly fishing, though many very experienced anglers like this too. They're certainly at the faster end, so as someone with a faster casting stroke, I only had to make small adjustments to my casting to get the best from the rod.

The cork quality is good for a rod of this price, though obviously not a patch on the top end rods, like my Loop Cross SX. Importantly, they feel nice and light, cast well and are really nicely finished for a low to mid-priced fly rod. You can find out more in our Loop Q fly rod review.

The Loop Q rod is good looking and a pleasure to cast.

What reel is included?

The Q Kit comes with a Loop Q fly reel. This Q reel is a die-cast aluminium reel with a very stylish appearance, even including the distinctive silver Loop "L" on the rear. As fly reels go, it's quite a looker and looks way more expensive than it's £120-130 price tag suggests.

The Q reel is very well made and includes the excellent sealed Power Matrix drag system used in the more expensive Loop reels like the Loop Multi and Loop Opti models. It's lovely to use, relatively light and even features a captive nut system to prevent the loss of the spool release knob when switching spools on the bank. It's arguably the best reel you'll see in any fly fishing kit. You can find more in-depth information in our Loop Q fly reel review.

The Loop Q reel provided is a really nice bit of kit.

What is the fly line like?

It can take a bit of trial and error to find the right line to match a given rod so it's great to see that Loop has matched the tapers of the lines provided to match the individual rods. The olive green Loop Q floating lines provided are pre-fitted to the right amount of white backing and have a welded loop at one end, so it's quick and easy to attach leaders using a loop-to-loop connection.

The line has a fairly hard coating to help improve shootability and as a result it, therefore, does have a small amount of memory when you first remove it from the reel, but this goes after an initial gentle stretch. The very positive upside of this is that it shoots brilliantly and is effortless to cast.

The thickish head on the six weight line I tested seemed relatively short, about 30-35 feet I reckon, and the running line is nice and thin so you can make quick casts easily without loads of room behind you. It roll casts and overhead casts really well and copes surprisingly well with distance too. I really liked it. I'd happily buy and use the line if Loop sold it separately and it did suit the rod quite well, I thought. (Update: It's now sold separately as the Loop Q line and costs around £40.)

The Q reel comes preloaded with a fly line, backing and even a tapered leader.

What carrying case is provided?

The Loop Q Kit includes a one-piece carrying case, rather than a separate rod tube and reel case. This is a hard Cordura tube which contains individual pockets for each rod section instead of the usual cloth bag or rod sock. There's a handle on the side to make it easier to carry and the reel can be left attached to the rod and sits neatly in a capacious padded pocket.

The rod case allows you to carry the reel attached to the rod to save time packing away and tackling up.

What is the Loop Q Kit like to use?

I've been using the Loop Q Kit in 6 weight form. It's an impressive outfit and is very nicely packaged. The rod and reel both look brilliant, are well made and nice to use. The Loop Q rod is really impressive for the money and casts superbly for a rod of this price.

The line floats well and is enjoyable to use, loading the rod well at relatively close range. It coped quite well with long distance casting too. I found I was hitting the backing knot without really trying so it's quite a capable outfit, as well as probably the best looking fly fishing kit around.

This is a great outfit to use and casts really well.

How much does the Loop Q fly fishing kit cost?

I borrowed my Loop Q Kit from Loop for this review but the kit retails for around £346. Built into this price you're getting the Loop Q reel, which sells for £130, the Loop Q rod which costs around £173 and a decent fly line and a carry case for both rod and reel. All of the key components provided are great quality, making this one of the best, if not the best, fly fishing kits on the market.

More information: Loop Tackle Design

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