Loop Multi fly reel review

The Loop Multi fly reel is beautifully made from die cast aluminium and features a powerful and silent sealed drag system.

Loop Multi fly reel review
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Loop Multi fly reel review
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Loop Multi fly reel review
Loop Fly reels Estimated reading time 5 - 8 minutes

What are Loop Multi fly reels designed for?

Loop's Multi fly reel range is designed for general trout, grayling, carp, pike and salmon fly fishing on rivers and stillwaters.

How are they made?

These are Loop's mid-range reels are made from die-cast aluminium. The finish is very good quality and they're painted with a smooth black finish, without the roughness you get on most die-cast reels, even the premium ones like the Sage 2200 series.

What size models are in the range?

There are three models in the range: the Multi Light 3-6 for #3 to #6 lines; the Multi 6-9 for #6 to #9 lines and the big Multi 9-12 for #9 to #12 lines. All of them look identical and are just scaled up or down, depending on the model.

The Loop Multi Light in its natural habitat - attached to my Loop Evotec 590F

What style arbour do they have?

The Loop Multi range are mid arbour reels. The spools are capacious and the arbours have fairly good diameters, but they don't look ridiculously large on the rod.

The Loop Multi Light 3-6 has a diameter of 8.5cm (3.35"), the Multi 6-9 has a diameter of 9.8cm (3.86") and the Multi 9-12 has a diameter of 11.3cm (4.45").

What backing and line capacity do they have?

Loop Multi reels all have a wide spool with a v-shaped centre. This provides plenty of room for backing and is supposed to stop the line bedding down as it can on some other spool designs.

I have a couple of Loop Multi Light 3-6 reels, which are designed for #3 to #6 lines. One is fitted with a Barrio Mallard #6 line and lots of backing and fits without an issue, while the other has a Barrio GT90 distance casting line. They fit without an issue.

Loop reckon the Multi Light 3-6 will take 100 yards of 20lb backing plus a #5 line, the Multi 6-9 will take 160 yards of 30lb backing and a #7 line, and the Multi 9-12 will take 230 yards of 30lb backing and a #9 line.

Can you convert them from LHW to RHW?

Unusually, the Loop Multi range are purchased in either left hand wind or right hand wind. Most right handed fly casters will want the left hand wind model. However, you can convert them from left to right using the Allen key provided. Here's how it's done:

All of Loop's reels can be changed from left to right hand wind.

How heavy are they?

Die cast aluminium fly reels tend to be a little heavier than those made from machined aluminium. These are reassuringly weighty, being a tad heftier than similarly made rivals, such as Sage's 2200 series.

However, this is not particularly noticeable on the rod, especially for the Multi Light, which feels just right. The Multi Light 3-6 weighs in at 130g (4.6 oz), the 6-9 weighs 259g (9.17 oz), while the big 9-12 weighs 295g (10.4oz).

What's the drag like?

The Loop Multi uses the same Power Matrix Drag System used in Loop's more expensive reels - which can be very, very expensive - so you're getting very good quality innards.

The drag applies lots of power and does so very smoothly, without the jerking you can get as the drag slips on cheaper reels. There's also no audible clicker on this, so it's a good choice if you don't like loud reels.

Do they come with a case?

Unfortunately, there's only a drawstring bag. This protects it from scratches in transit, but it would have been nice to have been provided with the usual neoprene pouch instead, especially at this price.

What are they like to use?

I have a couple of Loop Multi 3-6 reels on my Loop Evotec rods and they are very smooth reels. They balance the rod well, the retrieve is smooth and the drag is excellent.

I'm trying my best to keep them free of scratches, but this can be a drawback on black die cast aluminium reels, as the silver scratches tend to show up rather well. Use them in a boat and they'll quickly develop boat rash, I have found... A couple of mine now have silver edges where the black has been scratched off after only a few sessions in the boat.

Picture copyright © Fly and Lure.

How much are they and how do they compare to similarly priced reels?

The Loop Multi fly reels are very well made and have a great build quality, an excellent drag and a really stylish design. Price wise, they're not cheap, being more expensive that the Sage 2200 series which are similarly made and have an equally good drag.

The reels are priced at: £207 for the Loop Multi 3-6; £218 for the 3-6, and £239 for the 9-12. Spools are around £60-70, which is typical for reels of this construction.

Would you buy another one?

I've bought three, which probably gives a good indication of what I think of them, if the review above doesn't!

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