Loop Evotec 140 floating fly line review

The Loop Evotec 140 floating fly line is a fly line with a long head that is designed for medium and long-distance fly casting.

Loop Evotec 140 floating fly line review
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Loop Evotec 140 floating fly line review
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Loop Evotec 140 floating fly line review
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What is the Loop Evotec 140 fly line?

The Loop Evotec 140 fly line is a weight-forward floating line with a long 14m or 46ft head. It's best-suited towards fly fishers who can carry larger amounts of line on their back cast and who want to present small to medium-sized flies to trout at distance.

It sits alongside the Loop Evotec 100, which has a 10m or 33ft head, and the Loop Evotec 85, which has an 8.5m or 28ft head. The latter two lines are likely to be a better choice for the average fly fisher, as their shorter heads allow easier casting and improved fly turnover.

What sizes are available?

The Loop Evotec 140 fly line is available for rods from #5 to #8. I'm mostly using the #6 version which comes with a 17g head weight and is 30m or 98 feet in length. I've also got the same line in a #7. The head section is white while the running line is pale blue. 

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Does it have welded loops?

No, like the other Loop Evotec fly lines, the Evotec 140 lacks welded loops, so you'll need to either nail knot your leader on or attach a braided loop to your fly line. For many people, this won't be an issue, since welded loops are usually short-lived and many people prefer to cut them off and attach their own. However, I like to use them when they're new so the lack of loops is a minor inconvenience.

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What does it feel like in the hand?

The Loop Evotec fly lines all have a fairly similar feel in the hand. They're quite hard and slick which helps them to shoot well. The head is moderately thin due to its longer length, while the running line isn't particularly thin at all, which helps maintain a stable loop when you're carrying a very long line in the air.

They're not particularly limp lines and do carry a bit of memory, particularly when it's cold. Even after a bit of stretching, they don't lie particularly straight on the water, but they're definitely not like a slinky. In short, they're OK but a limper feel would be nice. 

What's it like to cast?

Obviously, you need to be fishing in an area with plenty of backcasting room to make the most of this fly line, since the head alone is 14m/45ft long.

That means it doesn't load the rod that much when fishing at close range, nor will it turn-over flies or leaders that well unless you have a long line out. In the right situation, and with the right fly and leader combination, the Loop Evotec 140 casts very well and flies a long way.

I reckon I was hitting well over 90' with a fly attached, which is impressive. However, most people will be better off with one of Loop's other lines with a shorter head, such as the Evotec 100 or Evotec 85. 

It doesn't feel as overweight as most other fly lines popular on the UK market, and the slightly stiffer, less limp feel of the line and its slickness means that it shoots and casts very smoothly. If you want a heavier feel with a deeper load, you may want to step up a line weight. I don't usually do this, but the #7 did actually seem to cast a lot better on my Loop Cross SX than the #6. 

How much does it cost?

The Loop Evotec 140 sells for around £60, but it looks like it's close to discontinuation as Loop is currently selling these off for half price. For £30, these represent pretty decent value for money and I'm expecting to get a couple of seasons' use out of this one. 

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