Loop Dry Backpack 35 review

The Loop Dry Backpack 35 is a great backpack for those who are carrying gear they need to keep safe and dry and is built to last.

Loop Dry Backpack 35 review
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Loop Dry Backpack 35 review
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Loop Dry Backpack 35 review
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What's so special about the Loop Dry Backpack?

The Loop Dry Backpack is a heavy duty roll top bag which is designed to keep your gear safe and dry while you're fishing. It's made from thick and heavy PVC tarp material and has welded joints to keep water out. The material used keeps water out and lets you wipe off dirt after your trip.

Is it fully waterproof?

Loop says the Dry Backpack is fully waterproof up to the zipper area towards the top of the bag but is only semi-dry above. It's not designed to be submerged, but if it chucks it down with rain or you take an inadvertent dip in the river your gear should remain safe and dry inside.

You could wear it wading and your stuff should still remain dry, providing you don't go under. While not fully watertight, I'd imagine this would be plenty good enough for most people. If you need full waterproofing, perhaps to keep your camera safe and dry, you only really need to place the camera in a separate dry bag inside the Dry Backpack and you're good to go.

The bag has a capacious 35 litre volume.

How big is the Loop Dry Backpack 35?

The Loop Dry Backpack 35 holds 35 litres and measures 30cm wide, 60cm tall and about 20cm deep. It's a medium sized rucksack and should hold more than enough for a day on the bank, including your gear, your jacket and extra layers and enough food and drink to last the day. If you want a smaller bag, there's also a 23 Dry Backpack in the range - the TPU Dry Backpack 23.

How many pockets does it have?

The Dry Backpack 35 is a simple design and has a single main pocket (holding 35 litres), a non-waterproof front pocket and a small internal pocket located on the inside back panel, which is ideal for storing your car keys or phone.

There's a big pocket on the front and a waterproof one inside.

Is there anywhere to attach your rods?

Yes, there are straps on both sides to which you can attach up to four rod tubes, which should be enough for anyone, there are also D rings to which you can attach your net or anything else you're carrying to keep your hands free.

What's the TPU Dry Backpack 23 like?

The TPU Dry Backpack 23 holds 23 litres and has a different design to the 35 litre backpack. Despite being a smaller bag, the 23 litre model is more expensive to buy and includes some extra features that make it a better option for some fly fishers.

For starters, the Dry Backpack 23 is waterproof and is made from a lighter 420D Nylon fabric with a TPU waterproof coating inside, so doesn't feel as heavy duty as the 35 litre bag. It also has a couple of external pockets into which you can store bottles of water or flasks, so you don't need to open the bag to access them.

The top unrolls to allow you to access the contents.

Is it well made?

Yes, this backpack feels reassuringly solid. It's got a very thick, heavy duty feel to it and looks like it's been built to withstand lots of punishment. Everything is neatly put together and it uses high-quality components, like water resistant YKK zips and solid Duraflex belt buckles and clips. The material used is coated in PVC to make it waterproof and the bottom of the back is extra thick to prevent it getting punctured.

The bag is sturdy and thick with a heavy duty feel.

How comfortable is it to wear?

Although it's not the lightest pack in the world, thanks to the heavy duty PVC coated fabric used, it's still comfortable to carry. The back panel is made from mesh coated closed cell foam, so it's nice and comfy and there's a comfortable padded strap to go around your waist to keep it in place and one on the top of the straps to keep it pinned against your back.

Is it easy to access your stuff?

There's a front pocket for anything you need to access quickly, but for everything else, you'll need to open the roll top system on the top of the backpack. Simply undo a couple of clips, roll the bag open and you can access anything you need. To reseal the bag, simply hold the top together and tightly roll it over itself a few times then do up the clips.

There's plenty of room inside.

How much does the Loop Dry Backpack cost?

The Loop Dry Backpack 35 costs £87, which is not bad value for money given its robust build quality. It looks like it should last for aeons. The more fancy Loop Dry Backpack 23 costs £199.

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