Keter Roc Pro Series wheeled tool box review

It might be designed for tools, but the Keter Roc Pro Series wheeled tool box is also ideal for fly fishers who fish from boats. It's large, very robust and has plenty of room for all the stuff you need to carry.

Keter Roc Pro Series wheeled tool box review
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Keter Roc Pro Series wheeled tool box review
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Keter Roc Pro Series wheeled tool box review
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What is the Keter Roc Pro Series?

The Keter Roc Pro Series is a heavy-duty plastic toolbox with two wheels and a retractable handle. Although obviously designed for lugging tools around, toolboxes like this are also very popular with reservoir fly fishers who fish from a boat.

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Why use a toolbox when fly fishing from a boat?

Pretty much every competitive fly fisher who fishes from a boat will use a plastic box to hold their gear. Sometimes a coarse fishing seat box or an expensive waterproof Peli Case, but more often than not a relatively inexpensive toolbox instead. The black and yellow Stanley toolboxes are a common sight at reservoirs.

Preparing for the England Youth Nationals with the Keter Roc Pro Series tool box.

Plastic toolboxes have a few advantages over a bag. Firstly, they're highly water-resistant so, unlike a bag, they won't soak up water when they're sitting in your boat getting sloshed around in water or rain. Secondly, they provide far faster access to your gear, so you don't need to rummage around to find the stuff you need, which makes a lot of difference when you're competing and every wasted moment counts.

Most competitive fly fishers use a waterproof box to house their gear.

How big is the Keter Roc Pro Series?

Keter Roc makes quite a few different models. The one we went for is a 57 litre (15 gallons) one with a retractable handle and wheels to make it easier to lug around. Known as a job box or wheeled tool chest, this big water-resistant box measures 80cm x 43cm x 68cm approximately. This one is a bit more minimal than the others, which can include much more internal storage but add a bit of additional bulk.

The Keter Roc Pro Series George uses is 80cm long.

Is it easy to carry?

Yes, there's a robust retractable metal carrying handle recessed into the body which has a comfy neoprene grip and it's fitted with two chunky wheels. The wheels even have soft, rubbery tyres and aren't just made of hard, cheap plastic as you might expect. There are also two smaller handles at either end to lift it into your boat. It's strong enough to sit on too, so could even be used as a seat box when bank angling, if that's your thing.

The retractable handle is strong and comfortable to pull.

Is it well made?

Yep, as it's designed for lugging heavy tools around it's got a robust feel to it. It's made from thick black plastic (ABS, I think) and feels like it will stand up to some serious abuse. The lid is hinged from the side and has a couple of large stainless steel hinge pins and two chunky stainless steel clips to lock it shut. There's even a whole so you can insert a padlock, should you wish to prevent your boat partner from stealing your flies. It's also strong enough to sit on.

The Keter Roc Pro Series feels very robust.

Is it waterproof?

Keter Roc doesn't claim that it's a waterproof box, however, there are no holes in it and the top lid is fitted with a rubber seal and the lid clamps shut, so I'd be surprised if it would let water in. Of course, if you get rain or spray in it while fishing, it's also not going to dry out quickly afterwards, so you will need to air it after your day afloat.

It's sealed, so everything stays dry when it's closed.

Does it have any internal storage compartments?

Nope. This is the drawback over the Stanley toolbox, I think. While the Keter Roc one looks much nicer, and could easily be mistaken for a fly fishing specific product, the internal storage is a bit lacking in comparison. There are a single main compartment and a removable tray in the top section and that's it.

As with other boat boxes, you'll need to add your own boxes or internal compartments to keep your stuff organised and stop it rolling about in the box when it's being transported, especially if you use the wheels. Mechanics' floor mat is popular stuff to use if you want to create places to store your spools. We've seen a few people who have adapted these to take spools in the lid and they look superb.

There's no internal storage aside from the top tray.

What's it like to use?

When decorated with a few fly fishing stickers, I bet most people would have no idea this was just a repurposed toolbox. The wheels and carry handle and plain finish, and removable Keter Roc sticker means it looks better than most boxes, we think.

The handle and wheels make it much easier to cart your gear to the boat, while the handles on the end make it easy to lift in. It's great to use. The lid even features a built-in tape measure so you can determine the length of your catch. The only downside is that it's really just a big box, with no compartments or dividers, apart from the removable lid tray.

Aside from the fairly limited internal storage, it's been a great box for George's competition fly fishing.

How much does the wheeled job box cost?

George got this box for his birthday. It cost just £45 including delivery, which is cheaper than your average boat bag so represents really good value for money I think. 

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