Guideline Ghillie Lanyard review

The Guideline Ghillie Lanyard provides easy access to forceps, nippers, tippet and flies and means you don't need to carry a bag on short trips.

Guideline Ghillie Lanyard review
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Guideline Ghillie Lanyard review
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Guideline Ghillie Lanyard review
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What's the Guideline Ghillie Lanyard?

The Guideline Ghillie Lanyard is a sort of specialist necklace for the fly fisher. You wear it around your neck and attach your nippers, forceps, tippet and flies to it, so you don't need to carry a bag or box. It provides such convenient access to all your fly fishing gear that once tried, will make you feel naked when fishing without it.

What features does the Ghillie lanyard have?

It's similar to other fly fishing lanyards, such as the Mountain River Guide Lanyard I use. There's a big comfortable neck strap, a couple of tubular fly patches, a tippet spool bar, four attachment points for nippers, forceps and other things, and a bulldog clip to attach it to your jacket so it doesn't flap around.

George has used his Ghillie Lanyard on every weekly trip for two years.

What's it like to use?

George has used his Guideline Ghillie Lanyard on close to 150 trips, so it's been extremely heavily used. The wide neoprene neck strap means it is comfortable to wear and it includes plenty of attachment points to keep forceps and nippers at hand. Flies generally stay put once pulled down into the fly patches and rarely fall out. He loves it and never fishes without it.

How many tippet spools will it hold?

The tippet spool bar unclips at one end to allow you to insert additional spools and has room for 6-7 tippet spools, depending on the brand. That's more than enough for anyone.

How much does it cost?

The Guideline Ghillie Lanyard is very well priced at £19.99. George has had two years of heavy use out of his and it's still got plenty of life in it, so you should expect it to last many, many years. It's a great gadget for the fly fisher and makes access accessing your gear much easier.

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