Greys Strata fly fishing vest review

George has been using his Greys Strata fly fishing vest for years and thinks it's brilliant. Here's his verdict.

Greys Strata fly fishing vest review
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Greys Strata fly fishing vest review
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Greys Strata fly fishing vest review
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What is the Greys Strata fly fishing vest?

The Greys Strata fly fishing vest is a multi-pocket waistcoat designed to store all of the fly boxes, tools and other fly fishing accessories you need for a day on the bank, the boat or in the river.

A fly vest provides convenient access to your gear and saves carrying bags.

How do you use a fly fishing vest?

Fly fishing vests are normally worn over your outer layer, whether that's a shirt, fleece or rain jacket. Unlike other styles of fishing, the average fly fisher doesn't really need to carry much gear, and bags and packs get in the way, impede your casting, give you backache and limit your likelihood to roam the river or lake.

A fly fishing vest lets you fish comfortably with all the gear you need neatly stowed away in the pockets. Providing you can remember the pocket you stashed it in, all your fly boxes, tippet, floatant, indicators, and other gadgets will all be in easy reach.

The vest is designed to be worn over your jacket.

What pockets are on this fly vest?

There are two small pockets on the chest which are ideal for storing tippet, tapered leaders, floatants, and indicators, as well as smaller fly boxes. There are two very large pockets at the bottom of the jacket which can both hold a couple of big fly boxes and there's a huge rear pocket on the back of the jacket into which you can stash your rain jacket if you get too warm.

The lower pockets are big enough to take a couple of normal fly boxes.

Are there places to stash tools?

Yes, there's a D-ring on the rear of the jacket to allow you to attach a landing net magnet to let you stash your small river scoop net when wading. There are also attachment points on the front to take retractors for nippers and forceps.

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Does it come with a fly patch?

Yep. There's a fly patch on the front chest pocket. This is a simple foam affair but it works well enough and is ideal for storing or drying flies between casts. The foam is nice and firm so flies tend to remain in place fairly well.

The fly patch works well.

Is the Strata a good junior fly fishing vest?

As far as I'm aware, only Snowbee makes a junior fly fishing vest. The Greys Strata we bought for George is the smallest one they do and fits him OK. That said, there's plenty of room for growth, given that I could comfortably wear it myself. While not ideal for children, if your child is over five feet and starting to bulk up then it should probably be fine, otherwise, it's going to be a bit baggy.

The smallest size should fit larger children OK.

How is the sizing on these?

Fly fishing vests tend to be designed with a cut that's on the large side to allow you to wear them over thick layers and jackets. As a result, they can be on the large side. If you want a closer fit, you may wish to drop a size. George's vest is the smallest size offered yet would fit an adult quite a bit bigger.

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How much does it cost?

The Greys Strata fly fishing vest costs £34.99. This version is an older style and can be obtained a little cheaper than the current design.

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