Greys Reel Case review

The Greys Reel Case is designed to hold fly reels but is fairly small so is only suitable for models up to about 5 or 6 weight size and it won't hold some large arbour reels made for fly lines over a 6 weight.

Greys Reel Case review
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Greys Reel Case review
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Greys Reel Case review
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What is the Greys Reel Case?

The Greys Reel Case is a protective case for storing fly reels and spools. It's made from a stiff cordura-like outer with padded internal compartments with dividers to stop reels knocking against each other in transit.

Why might I want a fly reel case?

While some fly reels come with a protective neoprene pouch to protect them against knocks and scratches, many don't. Instead, they're provided with a simple drawstring pouch which offers little protection, especially if dropped. The Greys Reel Case gives a bit of extra impact resistance and lets you store all the reels and spools you'll need for a trip in one pouch.

There's room inside for four reels or spools up to about #6 size.

What size fly reels will it hold?

Oddly, the Greys Reel Case isn't that large so will only comfortably hold reels that are 5/6 size or smaller. Large arbour reels, especially those for 7, 8 or 9 weight lines probably won't fit inside, which somewhat limits its appeal.

The protective barriers between the reels could do with being taller.

How many reels will it hold?

There are four compartments which take four reels or spools up to about a #6 size. My Loop Multi Light reels fit inside without an issue, but bulkier reels are a bit of a squeeze. It's fairly well stitched together and works well. The zipper is good and there's a handle on the end to make carrying it a bit easier.

There's a carrying handle to make transporting your reels easier.

How much does it cost?

The Greys Reel Case costs around £8.95 which is pretty good value for money and much cheaper than buying individual cases.

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