Greys GS net review

The Greys GS net is a simple, no-frills landing net which comes with knotless mesh and a removable landing net pole. It's a good choice if you're on a budget and need a large net to cope with bigger trout.

Greys GS net review
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Greys GS net review
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Greys GS net review
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What is the Greys GS net?

The Greys GS net is a basic, no-frills landing net aimed at the fly (or lure) fisher fishing from the bank or boat. It's large enough to handle double-figure trout and small enough to stow in the boot of the average car.

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What features does this landing net have?

The Greys GS landing net has a large 21" head which is big enough to handle very large trout or even small jack pike. Made from lightweight aluminium, the net is supplied with a pole, so you don't need to purchase one separately, as you do with some other landing nets. This also features a push-button mechanism to allow you to either remove the pole or push it up into the net head to reduce its overall size and make it easier to carry or store.

The net features a head big enough to handle double-figure trout.

What's the mesh like?

The mesh itself is soft and knotless to protect the delicate skin of your catch. The net has a very deep head, so there's plenty of room in here to house a double and prevent it from jumping out and harming itself. As it's a budget net, the mesh isn't rubber coated so will benefit from a rinse and dry after use to prevent it from smelling and isn't as resistant to snagged hooked if you fish using barbs.

The mesh is soft but isn't rubber coated, so barbed hooks may snag.

What's it like to use?

The Greys GS copes well with netting trout and is comfortable to use. However, although it's got a very large head, I'd be a bit cautious about lifting any hefty fish in the head as it's very lightweight and feels like it might bend under the strain.

Although it's easy to store and transport, it is arguably a bit on the big side for most trout fishing and a slightly smaller or shallower version would likely be better for most people. If you fish at stillwater trout fisheries where there's a chance of a double-figure fish, it's definitely worth considering though, as they can be hard to squeeze into smaller landing net heads.

 The landing net has a comfortable rubber grip.

How much does the Greys GS net cost?

The Greys GS net is very cheap as nets go. It costs just £21 including the handle. Although it's quite basic and lacks some of the features you find in more expensive nets, it's perfectly functional and is worth considering if you're on a budget. If you want something sturdier, check out the excellent Wychwood Boatman or Wychwood Bankman nets instead.

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