Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box review

The Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box has configurable compartments to let you house and the salmon and sea trout tubes and hooks you need. This tube fly box is made from really tough plastic, feels virtually indestructible and is very competitively priced for its size.

Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box review
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Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box review
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Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box review
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What is the Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box?

The Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box is a capacious fly box aimed at salmon and sea trout anglers. Rather than the usual foam or silicone slots, or standard sized compartments that might not suit the fly patterns you use on the river, this one can be configured just the way you need it.

The Fulling Mill Tube Fly box is very big and can hold a lot of flies.

How many compartments does it have?

The Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box has four rows and comes with an array of little plastic baffles. You can slide these into slots in each of the rows to reduce the size of the compartments, leaving you with a highly configurable fly box that can have anywhere from four big slots to 16 smaller ones.

The box includes removable plastic baffles to let you change the number of compartments.

How big is this fly box?

This is a fairly big fly box, measuring 20.6 x 14.7 x 2.7cm. It's large enough to hold dozens of tube flies, plus regular salmon and sea trout flies tied on double or treble hooks, and even your tube fly hooks. It's very versatile and lets you carry everything you need in one box, without squashing them.

The minor downside is that the large size means it's a bit on the bulky side to carry. It will fit in the bellowed pocket of a decent wading jacket, but might not if you're using a more standard rainjacket without a deeper pocket.

You'll need a big jacket pocket to store this fly box, but it has loads of room for flies and hooks.

What's it like to use?

As you'd expect from Fulling Mill, this is a good quality fly box, well suited to the salmon and sea trout fly fisher. It's very strong and well made - it feels like it's almost indestructible. There's loads of room inside for flies, tube fly hooks and even spinners (if you're into that sort of thing). It's easy to open, light and easy to carry and fits inside wading jacket pockets well.

This is a very tough fly box that feels almost indestructible.

How much does the Tube Fly Box cost?

The Fulling Mill Tube Fly Box costs £10.50. That's really good value for its size and build quality. The box is available from Fulling Mill's many dealers, or you can buy it direct from their website. If you don't fish tube flies, you're probably better off with Fulling Mill's Tactical Streamer Box instead.

Available from: Fulling Mill

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