Fulling Mill Tactical Streamer Box review

The Fulling Mill Tactical Streamer Box is a deep fly box that is ideal for larger fly patterns, such as streamers, salmon flies and patterns with large wings or hackles.

Fulling Mill Tactical Streamer Box review
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Fulling Mill Tactical Streamer Box review
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Fulling Mill Tactical Streamer Box review
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What is the Fulling Mill Tactical Streamer Box?

The Fulling Mill Tactical Streamer Box is an extra deep fly box designed for holding larger or bulkier fly patterns. It's ideal for big streamers, salmon flies and any fly pattern which has a large hackle or wing that would be squashed when placed in a regular slimmer profile fly box.

This extra deep box means tall flies won't get squashed.

What size is this fly box?

The Tactical Streamer Box is 18.5cm x 9.5cm so will fit in the average wading jacket pocket, as well as in most vests, sling packs or chest packs. However, whereas many other fly boxes have a slim profile that can squash bulky patterns, this box is 2.5cm deep. Salmon flies and bulkier streamers fit in it without getting flattened. The slots are also spaced to allow the two bends of a salmon double to fit in perfectly in adjacent slots.

While it has enough slots to hold up to 168 flies (12 rows of 14), you obviously can't put that many flies in it if you're stocking it with bigger flies. If you give them plenty of room you could probably comfortably house 20-30, which is more than enough for a day on the water if you choose your fly selection wisely.

Model Capacity Dimensions
Tactical Streamer Box Up to 168 flies 18.5cm x 9.5cm x 2.5cm
Salmon doubles fit in neatly with a bend in each slot.

What's special about this box?

The Tactical Streamer Box is very well made. The hard plastic case appears to be made from polycarbonate, like the Fulling Mill Clear Silicone Boxes, rather than the softer ABS plastic of the Fulling Mill Tactical Slimline Box range. In fact, the only real difference between the Tactical Streamer Box and the new large Clear Silicone Box Maxi is the use of slotted foam instead of silicone.

What are they like to use?

The Tactical Streamer Box is compact, easy to open and very effective for bigger flies. There's plenty of depth to house salmon flies without them getting squashed. The sort of streamer patterns commonly used by UK fly fishers also fit inside no problem, as do mayflies and other bushy dry fly patterns.

Really big trout streamers, say size 4 or bigger, can be shoehorned inside, but the foam isn't particularly well suited to gripping such big patterns. You'd be better off with the Clear Silicone Box Maxi instead, as this offers a bit of extra grip and the silicone lacks the memory of the slotted foam.

The box itself is very robust and should last for years of use. The only minor downside of the polycarbonate plastic used is that it can start to show scratches after a while, but obviously this doesn't affect usability.

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Would you buy this box over another model?

This is a good fly box, but if you use the same box very heavily then I'd be inclined to spend an extra few pounds on the new Fulling Mill Clear Silicone Maxi box instead. It's virtually the same as this in size and capacity, but it uses the better silicone based insert, which has better grip and greater durability than the foam.

Model Tactical Slimline Box Tactical Streamer Box Silicone Fly Box
Fulling Mill Tactical Slimline Box Fulling Mill Tactical Streamer Box Fulling Mill Silicone Box
Box material ABS Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Slot material Slotted foam Slotted foam Slotted silicone
Slot grip Average Average Excellent
Slot durability Average Average Excellent
Capacity 77 flies
168 flies
168 flies 77 flies
168 flies
168 flies
Sizes 11cm x 7.5cm x 1.3cm
18.5cm x 9.8cm x 1.3cm
18.5cm x 9.5cm x 2.5cm 11cm x 8.5cm x 1.9cm
19cm x 11cm x 1.9cm
19cm x 11cm x 2.8cm
Prices £3.75
£10.50 £8.25
Review Read review Read review Read review

How much does this fly box cost?

The Fulling Mill Tactical Streamer Box costs £10.50, which is good value given the build quality and the quantity of flies it holds. If you don't need the depth but still want a box that holds a similar quantity, there's the Tactical Slimline Box large for £6.45, while if you want the same style box with a silicone insert instead of foam, there's the Clear Silicone Box Maxi for £13.75.

Available from: Fulling Mill

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