Fulling Mill Tactical Slimline Box Small review

The Fulling Mill Tactical Slimline Box Small is an ideal size for keeping in your pocket or separating your flies by type to make it easier to pack the right ones for the trip.

Fulling Mill Tactical Slimline Box Small review
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Fulling Mill Tactical Slimline Box Small review
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Fulling Mill Tactical Slimline Box Small review
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What are Fulling Mill Tactical Slimline Boxes?

The Tactical Slimline Box range from Fulling Mill are inexpensive slotted-foam fly boxes made from virtually unbreakable ABS plastic which are designed to fit comfortably in your pocket.

What sizes are these fly boxes?

The Fulling Mill Tactical Slimline Box comes in two sizes, from a really tiny but surprisingly useful "small" model to a bigger but still pleasantly slim "large" model. The small one holds up to 77 flies, while the large one can hold up to 168.

Tactical Slimline Box Small77 flies11cm x 7.5cm x 1.3cm
Tactical Slimline Box Large168 flies18.5cm x 9.8cm x 1.3cm
Small dry flies will fit, but the hackles may get a bit squashed.

What's so good about these fly boxes?

The Fulling Mill Tactical Slimline Boxes have a few useful features - they're slim, extremely strong, not very expensive and also not very big.

While the latter point might sound like a disadvantage, it's actually quite handy at times. If like me, you're the type of person who tends to carry about 800 flies on a day trip and only uses about six, you'll probably find it helpful to use a few of the small-sized boxes.

I take three with me when I'm on the river - one with dries and spiders, one with grayling bugs and jigs and one with Czech nymphs and other patterns. If I'm going to a stillwater and want to take my river dries, I can just pop the box in my pack without the need to carry a bigger one containing loads of river nymphs I'd never use on a stillwater.

They're the perfect size for grayling jigs and small nymphs.

What are they like to use?

While they're obviously not a patch on the more modern silicone fly boxes, like the Original Tacky Fly Box, Fulling Mill Silicone Fly Box or the new Airflo Grippa, these are really cheap - less than four quid - and very light and strong. They're easy to open, keep flies held fairly securely and last for ages.

Dry flies can be put inside, but anything on the bushy side with big hackles is likely to get slightly squashed due to the low profile of the fly box.

How much do they cost?

These fly boxes are very inexpensive - just £3.75 for the small one and £6.75 for the large one. That's really good value, especially as you'll probably want to buy a few of them.

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