Fulling Mill High Glide review

Fulling Mill High Glide is a powdered dry fly floatant and desiccant that lets you dry waterlogged flies and keep them on the surface ready to be snaffled by trout or grayling. It's really effective, well priced and a pot will easily last you a whole season so it's great value too.

Fulling Mill High Glide review
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Fulling Mill High Glide review
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Fulling Mill High Glide review
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What is Fulling Mill High Glide?

Fulling Mill High Glide is a powdered desiccant used for drying out bedraggled dry flies and restoring their buoyancy. It's a very lightweight white powder, presumably the same hydrophobic fumed silica used in other popular dry fly floatants, such as the widely used Frog's Fanny.

There's a generous 30g in each pot of High Glide which should last most people a whole season.

How do you use High Glide?

High Glide comes in a flip-top tub but, unlike Frog's Fanny, there's no applicator brush to work it into your dry fly. Instead you take your fly and drop it inside the pot of High Glide and close the lid with your tippet hanging out. Shake a couple of times to smother the fly in powder, then open the lid, knock off the excess powder and your fly is ready to use. You can blow off the excess powder if you wish, but it will come off when you false cast anyway, so there's not really any need.

The lid flips up so you can open it one handed.

How well does it work?

These powdered dry fly floatants are all really effective and High Glide is no different. I personally prefer them to the liquid silicone floatants as they don't clog the fibres of the fly or change it's profile and they really add superb buoyancy and revive damp flies after they've been dunked.

While I have to say I prefer the applicator brush you get with Frog's Fanny, Fulling Mill High Glide is easier to handle one-handed as the lid flips open and the shake approach to floatant application is still pretty good. The packaging is rather more stylish too.

Once you've dried your wet fly, or waterproofed your unused dry fly, it will float like a cork! You can even pull it under the water and watch it pop back up. It even works on CDC flies, unlike the liquid silicone floatants.

You can blow off the excess, but it will come off when you false cast anyway.

How much does it cost?

Fulling Mill High Glide powdered floatant and desiccant is priced similarly to Frog's Fanny at around £7.50 for a 30g pot - you actually get a bit more powder in a pot of High Glide. As you only use a little on each fly, a pot can easily last you a season, even if you fish dries regularly. It's great stuff.

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