Fulling Mill Fishing Superglue review

Fulling Mill Fishing Superglue comes with an applicator brush in the lid so you can use it without sticking your fingers together. It's got a multitude of uses in fly fishing, from attaching braided loops securely to fly lines to attaching eyes and materials to flies on your tying bench.

Fulling Mill Fishing Superglue review
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Fulling Mill Fishing Superglue review
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Fulling Mill Fishing Superglue review
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What is Fulling Mill Fishing Superglue?

Fulling Mill Fishing Superglue is a "high grade" water resistant superglue with a brush on applicator. It's got a multitude of uses, from securing knots and attaching braided loops to the end of fly lines, to helping to secure whip finishes and eyes on flies.

You do need to be a bit careful when using superglue...

Why buy this one over cheaper superglues?

Superglue is really just the common name for a group of chemicals called cyanoacrylates. These fast-acting adhesives are immensely strong but have a fairly short shelf life. They also tend to come in bottles that aren't that well suited to fly tying.

The really good feature about Fulling Mill Fishing Superglue is that it comes in a bottle with a tiny brush in the lid. This makes it much easier to apply and far safer than other superglues, where it can be very easy to accidentally stick your fingers together - or as I have done several times, stick to your fingers to the fly...

While this is arguably little different to other superglues it comes with a very useful applicator brush.

What's Fishing Superglue like to use?

I've used this superglue for over a year. It's very, very strong and sets quickly. The applicator brush makes it one of the easiest superglues to use, though I opt to cut the brush in half to make it a bit thinner, as it's on the thick side for delicate flies.

You really do need to seal the bottle very tightly and I'd highly recommend keeping it in a resealable bag and storing it in an upright position, as I made a bit of a mess of my compartmentalised fly tying box after a bottle leaked when I didn't seal it tight enough.

All superglues have a fairly short lifespan, so don't expect a bottle to last for ages. I guess I get 2-3 months' of use out of a bottle at most, which is probably not bad for superglue.

How is it for fly tying?

It's great for making flies a bit more robust, keeping materials in place and securely fastening whip finishes. Simply brush a tiny amount onto the thread as you whip finish and the head will be sealed perfectly.

While you can use it for bodies, such as on superglue buzzers, it's not really a match for modern UV resins. While it doesn't go particularly milky like some superglues, it also doesn't dry as clear or shiny as a UV resin.

If you're going to make buzzers, you'd be far better off investing in a decent UV torch and some Fulling Mill Glass UV Resin instead. However, for general fly tying purposes it's great.

How much does Fulling Mill Fishing Superglue cost?

Compared to cheap superglue from the supermarket, you do pay a little more for the benefit of the applicator brush. However, this 5g bottle is still a modest price and it's the brush that makes all the difference to this product's ease of use. You can buy this from Fulling Mill dealers or direct from the Fulling Mill website for around £4.15.

Available from: Fulling Mill

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