Barrio Troutcast Copolymer Tippet review

Barrio Troutcast Copolymer Tippet comes in a range of sizes from 0X to 7X and is ideal for pretty much any kind of fly fishing.

Barrio Troutcast Copolymer Tippet review
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Barrio Troutcast Copolymer Tippet review
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Barrio Troutcast Copolymer Tippet review
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What is Barrio Troutcast Copolymer Tippet?

Barrio Troutcast Copolymer Tippet is a spooled tippet material made in Europe and designed for use in pretty much any fly fishing situation. It's a clear line available in a range of diameters, so you can use it for tippet, butt section or above your wire leader when pike fly fishing.

What's the difference between copolymer and fluorocarbon?

Copolymer tippet has slightly different properties to fluorocarbon. It's got a bit more stretch, which can cushion you a little more against smash takes, it's slightly less dense, so it won't drag dry flies beneath the surface as flurocarbon can, and it's far less expensive to buy.

Are there any other benefits?

While you should obviously take care not to discard any tippet when you're out fishing, sometimes you'll snag up and lose tippet on rocks or trees. Fluorocarbon is resistant to UV rays so takes centuries to break down, but copolymer rots in the sun, so one benefit is that it's better for the environment too.

Troutcast Copolymer comes on boxed 50m spools.

What weights is it available in?

Barrio Troutcast Copolymer Tippet comes in 50m spools, which are boxed to keep them away from damaging sun rays, and is available in standard tippet sizes from 0X to 7X, with diameters ranging from 0.12mm to 0.28mm.

There are also a few heavy duty tippets in the range which fall outside the X rating system, with breaking strains from 20 to 30 pounds, which are suitable for salmon, pike, bass and smaller saltwater species, like bonefish.

Tippet size Tippet diameter Breaking strain (lb) Breaking strain (kg)
0.45 0.45mm 32.59 lb 14.78 kg
0.40 0.40mm 26.00 lb 11.55 kg
0.35 0.35mm 20.55 lb 9.32 kg
0X 0.28mm 13.97 lb 6.33 kg
1X 0.25mm 11.35 lb 5.15 kg
2X 0.23mm 9.65 lb 4.38 kg
3X 0.20mm 7.61 lb 3.45 kg
4X 0.18mm 6.24 lb 2.83 kg
5X 0.16mm 5.00 lb 2.27 kg
6X 0.14mm 4.31 lb 1.96 kg
7X 0.12mm 3.18 lb 1.44 kg
Spools include a tiny notch to help prevent the tippet unravelling.

What is Troutcast Copolymer like to use?

This is a nice supple tippet material, so turnover is good. It feels much stronger than the line rating suggests too, which makes you confident that it will stay put when you strike into a good fish.

It knots well with little or no pig-tailing when you moisten properly and the triple surgeon's knots and grinner knots I used all held well. The higher diameter lines work well for droppers and are stiff enough to hold flies out from the leader, which reduces tangling.

There's a tiny notch on the spool into which you can pull the tag end of the tippet to help prevent it from unravelling, but like most other tippet spools, the tag end does sometimes come out, so you might want to wrap a rubber band to keep it in place.

It works well. I recently landed a 15 pound salmon on the 6X on a #4 rod while French nymphing for grayling! Not bad, given that the fish was about three times the breaking strain of the line.

How much is it?

As tippet goes, Troutcast Copolymer is at the affordable end of the market at just £3.90 per spool, including free delivery. The 3X and 4X sizes are ideal for everyday use for stillwater trout fishing in the UK. 

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