Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case review

I bought the Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case to protect my iPhone in the event of me falling in the river. So far, it's worked perfectly and kept the phone safe and dry, and you can even use all of the features without removing it from the case.

Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case review
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Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case review
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Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case review
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What is the Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case?

As the name suggests, the Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case is a protective case which keeps moisture out of your phone if you get rained upon or fall in a river or lake while you're fishing. Simply place your phone inside, seal up the waterproof housing at the top of the case, and then put the lanyard around your neck.

The Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case is popular with sailors, kayakers and surfers who get far wetter than the average fly fisher, so you can be fairly confident that your expensive phone will survive unscathed, even if you take an accidental dip while wading in a river.

 The waterproof seal is easy to open and close and keeps your phone bone dry.

Can you use the phone while it's in the case?

Yes, the soft plastic of the case detects your touches on the phone's screen and it functions nearly as well as it does when there's no case present. You can check the time, make calls, use Google Maps and even take a photograph all without removing the phone from the Aquapac. It's not perfect. The fingerprint detection feature of my iPhone doesn't work through the plastic, but the phone is still perfectly usable - and stays dry.

Everything works through the case - apart from fingerprint recognition.

Does the Aquapac impact photo quality?

A bit, but not too badly. The area on the back of the Aquapac includes a clear patch where the camera lens can see through. As the plastic is very close to the lens and fairly clear, the plastic cover doesn't impact photo quality too much, providing it doesn't have water droplets on the area around the lens when you take the shot.

However, while you can take photos with your phone inside the Aquapac, the case itself is larger than the phone so it can move about inside. This can result in the opaque grey bits of the Aquapac case concealing part of the lens, thus ruining the shot. As a result, I tend to remove mine when it's safe to do so.

The camera works without removing the phone from the Aquapac.

What size phone will this take?

The Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case is made in various sizes to suit different models of phone. I used an older version of the Aquapac with a roll-top closing system on my iPhone 5, but my new iPhone 6 Plus is ridiculously large and didn't fit inside, so I had to upgrade to the new Aquapac with the twist lock closure.

The old one still works and is ideal for electronic car keys (which would probably be more annoying to ruin than the phone, which is insured anyway). The new one feels more watertight and it's quicker and easier to access the phone.

Aquapacs come in various sizes to suit different sized phones.

What's the Aquapac like to use?

Getting the phone in and out is a bit fiddly as the soft plastic of the case has a slightly sticky feel to it which grabs against the phone. However, once in place it works well. The lanyard is comfortable and secure (and bright yellow so you can see it if you drop it or put it down) and it's easy to use the phone without removing it from the case.

Pictures taken through the case look OK, but if you're concerned about picture quality then removing it for the photo is sensible, if it's safe to do so. There are some reports of people using these to take underwater photographs, though that's not something I'd be brave enough to try myself, especially as a few people have had the odd one which has leaked.

Obviously, it makes sense to not remove the phone, get it wet and then put it back inside the Aquapac. In fact, if you're fishing somewhere particularly wet, then it might be wise to put some packets of silica crystals inside the Aquapac to soak up any moisture that gets in.

The Aquapac is very effective and great to use.

How much does the Aquapac cost?

The standard sized Aquapac for a "normal" phone about the size of an iPhone 5 or 6 costs around £19. The bigger version for massive phones like the iPhone 6 Plus costs around £25-30. It's a good quality case and should protect your phone if you fall in, so that's probably money well spent. There's also a special one for car keys too.

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