Airflo Whizz Lube fly line cleaner review

Airflo Whizz Lube adds a subtle slick coating to reinvigorate dirty fly lines and help them shoot better and cast further.

Airflo Whizz Lube fly line cleaner review
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Airflo Whizz Lube fly line cleaner review
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Airflo Whizz Lube fly line cleaner review
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What is Airflo Whizz Lube?

Airflo Whizz Lube is a fly line lubricant designed to add a slick coating to floating fly lines to help them shoot better and cast further.

Fly lines typically need cleaning every trip, and often during the trip, to keep them performing brilliantly and Airflo Whizz Lube is one of several fly line cleaning treatments on the market to do the job.

How do you use Whizz Lube?

Before applying Whizz Lube, or other fly line treatments, the first step should be to clean the dirt off the surface of your fly line. I do this by stripping a load of line off the reel and then pulling it through a clean unscented baby wipe.

Once it's been cleaned, you flip up the lid on the Whizz Lube, give the tube a gentle squeeze to release some of the lubricant and then smear it carefully into the sponge pad in the lid of the tube.

Next, you place your fly line in the slot at the back, snap the lid shut and then pull your fly line through so it rubs against the sponge and picks up a thin layer of Whizz Lube.

Apparently, so I have been told, though this is not stated in the instructions, you're supposed to apply this stuff at home, not on the bank, and then buff it off with a dry cloth. It seems to work fine applied at the water side, though.

Does it work well?

It's easy to apply but I'm not convinced the applicator pad in the lid is the best way to apply the lubricant. It barely puts any on the line and it can take a few attempts to apply a good enough coating to gain any real benefit.

However, once it has been applied in a sufficient layer, it really does make the surface quite slick. Unlike Orvis Zip Juice, Airflo Whizz Lube doesn't leave the fly line so slippery that casting is more difficult, but it does make the line shoot a lot better.

One slightly annoying feature is that you'll need to keep it stored in the included resealable packet. The applicator pad is open at the end, so if you squash it (whether it's in the packet or not) you'll lose some of the contents...

It also stains. My Whizz Lube fell out of the packet and the contents soaked into my sling pack, leaving it with a huge wet-look patch...

How much is it?

Airflo Whizz Lube costs about £4.99 for a 20ml tube, so it's not that cheap. However, it's a convenient size to keep in a pocket and it works fairly well on all the lines I've tried it on.

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