Airflo Leader Box review

The Airflo Leader Box lets you carry 10 pre-made leaders complete with point and droppers ready for use, saving time when competing. It's a great choice for the competitive fly fisher or anyone who wants to save time and hassle when fly fishing.

Airflo Leader Box review
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Airflo Leader Box review
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Airflo Leader Box review
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What is the Airflo Leader Box?

The Airflo Leader Box is a small plastic container which houses 10 small ~8cm blue EVA foam spools onto which you can wind pre-made leaders complete with flies. It's designed for the competition fly fisher who needs to save time when changing leaders where every second counts. As George is now getting into competitive fly fishing, we thought this would be a handy gadget for him to use when competing, but it's equally useful when you're just fishing for fun, too.

These are smaller than they look.

How do you use it?

Each foam spool can house a leader with droppers and flies attached. One might hold a 16' leader of fluorocarbon with a blob on the point and buzzers on the droppers. One might hold a couple of dries or washing line rig. Simply make up your rig from the comfort of your home, wind it around the spool and hook each of the flies into the side of the spool, then use one of the pins provided to secure the free end of line. Leave one of the spools empty.

When you're competing, pull in your line hook your fly into the spool and wind it around the spool then snip off the line from your braided loop. Select your spool, remove the pin and tie on the new rig, giving the line a stretch as you go, then cast out. You can change a rig in just 1-2 minutes, which is significantly quicker than starting from scratch.

10 spools are provided in the box.

What is it like to use?

The Airflo Leader Box is smaller than it looks on Airflo's website. Each spool is about 8cm across (smaller than the spools we used previously) and the box measures around 15cm x 10cm so doesn't take up much room in your tackle bag.

It's quick and easy to use (though attaching the pin is a bit fiddly) and makes it very simple to change your entire rig. As leaders can retain a bit of memory when removed from the spool, they will need a little stretch before being used, but this is still much quicker than tying up a new one. The box is OK, but a bit too narrow to get the spools back into without a bit of effort - a slightly bigger box would be handy.

The spools save time when competing.

How much does it cost?

The Airflo Leader Box costs £9.99, which is very good value as the individual spools would cost you as much if you purchased them separately. It's a great gadget to have if you fish competitions or just want to save time on the bank or in the boat.

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