Airflo Grippa silicone fly box review

The Airflo Grippa silicone fly box is a solidly built double-sided fly box with a waterproof seal which holds around 200 flies.

Airflo Grippa silicone fly box review
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Airflo Grippa silicone fly box review
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Airflo Grippa silicone fly box review
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How many flies does the Airflo Grippa silicone fly box hold?

The Airflo Grippa silicone fly box is a double-sided box with slots to hold about 200 flies, depending on their size. The v-shaped slots are aligned in offset rows to help you squeeze in more flies without them bumping into each other in the box.

It measures 15.5cm in length and is 10cm wide and 4cm thick, which means it's just small enough to fit in the average jacket pocket, chest pack or sling pack.

What are the benefits of a silicone fly box?

The main benefit is a tighter grip on the flies. The conventional slotted foam fly boxes which have been on the market for a decade or two eventually start to wear out and lose their ability to securely hold flies. Silicone doesn't. It grips much tighter and doesn't deform, so your fly box should last much longer. It also doesn't hold water like foam does.

The Airflo Grippa Silicone Fly Box uses a silicone insert.

Who invented this concept?

Tacky Fly Fishing pioneered the first silicone fly boxes with their excellent Original Tacky Fly Box. Unfortunately for them, several other manufacturers have copied their use of silicone for inserts and undercut their prices. Their idea of using silicone was so good that I wouldn't mind betting that all fly boxes will be made using this material in a few years. 

Is this a waterproof fly box?

Yes, there's a rubber gasket around the edge of the box and a clamp shut mechanism that holds the lids firmly in place so water can't get in if you drop it. As the box isn't lined with porous foam, like a regular fly box, your hooks are less likely to rust too.

A rubbery gasket around the edge of the box keeps water out if you drop it.

What's it like to use?

The Airflo Grippa silicone fly box is a fairly solid and heavy feeling box made from hard polycarbonate plastic. The design is much the same as the many carbon copy Chinese slotted foam boxes that have been branded by pretty much every tackle manufacturer in the land, apart from the addition of the silicone inserts.

The silicone slits are tight so flies stay in place, but getting them in and out is harder.

It's easy to open and the silicone grips flies very well. It will hold very small patterns well and you can even squeeze much bigger flies into it. The inserts aren't as well designed as those on the Tacky fly box range. It's much harder to get the flies in, especially when your hands are cold because it's harder to find the slit. However, the grip provided is very firm and flies need to be pulled out.

How much does the Airflo Grippa fly box cost?

The Airflo Grippa fly box costs £14.99, which is not bad value for money given the capacity and build quality. It's only a fraction more expensive than a similar box with a foam insert and should last for ages. 

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