Airflo 2019 baseball caps review

Airflo sent us three of their new 2019 baseball caps to try out. Two are trucker style and one is a full panel cap and all work well. They protect your head from flies, keep the sun off your face and aid your fish-spotting abilities.

Airflo 2019 baseball caps review
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Airflo 2019 baseball caps review
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Airflo 2019 baseball caps review
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What are Airflo Baseball Caps?

These are the new design Airflo Baseball Caps for 2019 and come in three styles, which are all based around Airflo's new black and grey colour scheme. Two of them are trucker hats with a stiffer front part and a mesh rear section, while the other is a panel cap made from soft cotton.

Most fly fishers, very sensibly, wear a baseball cap when fly fishing. Not only does it keep your head warm in winter and provide protection against the sun during the summer, but it also protects your head and eyes from airborne flies. I wouldn't advise fishing without one.

Airflo Trucker Cap Yellow.
Airflo Trucker Cap Orange.
Airflo Shield Cap.

What are they like to use?

George has been wearing the previous generation Airflo Trucker Cap for the past couple of years. It's still in great condition, fits him well and looks good - it's become his lucky cap. The new ones seem to be based on the same design and fit just as well, with good fasteners at the back to help the hat stay attached when it's windy. Hopefully, they'll prove to be just as lucky!

Both styles are comfortable and well made. Though it's obviously subjective, we personally liked the Trucker Cap style more and found it a better fit for our heads. As the rear section is mesh, this style will be cooler to wear in the summer but doesn't keep the sun off the back of your head like the cotton one will.

The new caps look good on small heads and larger ones.

How much do these cost?

We were kindly sent these ones to review by Airflo. They retail for £12.99 from Fishtec, which is decent value for money and about the going rate or less for your average fly fishing cap. They're well made, comfortable to wear and look good.

Available from: Fishtec

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