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Matt Clarke


Matt is a lifelong fish fanatic. After training in fish biology he spent 10 years working on and editing the world's best-selling fish magazine. He is a keen fly fisher and fishes with George every weekend, travelling all over the UK fishing rivers, lakes, reservoirs and small stillwaters.

George Clarke


George has fly fished nearly every weekend since the age of six and is completely hooked. When he's not fly fishing, he's watching it on YouTube. He's a great caster (and holder of a British junior fly casting record) and is hoping to fish for the England Youth Fly Fishing team when he's old enough.

About our reviews

Matt Clarke

We buy most of the gear we review

Having worked in the magazine industry as a professional product reviewer I know how important it is to have editorial integrity.

While I know the magazines are just as responsible, unlike them I don't have any advertisers or sponsors to keep happy, so the reviews I write are truly independent, honest and uninfluenced by anyone else.

Indeed, the very vast majority of the products reviewed have been purchased with my own money. Mrs Fly&Lure would probably kill me if she knew how much I spent buying stuff to review. It's therefore for my own safety and wellbeing that I can't review every item of fly fishing gear that gets launched.

Fly fishing gear reviews

... but sometimes we get loaned gear

Thankfully, just as they do with the magazines, some fly fishing manufacturers also very kindly loan me some of their gear for review.

This lets me produce regular content and stops Mrs Fly&Lure from bumping me off and burying me under the patio for spending all our money on fly fishing gear.

From time to time, some of those who loan their products don't want them back after I've reviewed them. Borrowing gear to review, or keeping the odd inexpensive item I've used, doesn't influence what I write, though. You can rest assured that I only give my honest opinion in my words.

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