11 tips to help you catch more trout on nymphs

While there are many factors that help, the main tricks to catching more trout on nymphs are linked to better bite detection. Here are 11 tips to help you catch more trout on nymphs.

Airflo Tightlines TLD Elite Boat Seat review

The Airflo Tightlines TLD Elite Boat Seat is one of the most widely used in the UK and is solidly made and comfortable to fish from. However, it's on the expensive side for what you get but there's no denying it makes fishing more pleasant.

Fly fishing diary: September 2018

George competes in the England Youth Fly Fishing Nationals and we fish at Llandegla Fishery, Ellerdine Lakes and Treetops Fishery.

Barrio Line Care fly line dressing review

Barrio Line Care fly line dressing is a silicone-based fly line cleaner which makes floating lines shoot and float better. Using it regularly can extend the life of your line and put metres onto your casts.

How to fly fish with droppers

Learn how to fly fish with droppers and you'll be able to use several flies at once, cover more water and different water depths and potentially catch more fish.

Fly fishing diary: August 2018

Graiglwyd Springs, Westlow Mere, a French nymphing masterclass on the River Dee, three days on Draycote Water and a day at Eyebrook.

Loop Cross SX fly rod review

The Loop Cross SX is the top of the range model in Loop's fly rod collection and is pretty much as good as fly rods get.

Wychwood Connect Deck Zone Extra Fast Sink Fly Line review

Is your usual Di3 fly line sinking too slowly? Then you need to try the Wychwood Deck Zone Di7 sinking fly line which sinks at seven inches per second to get your flies to feeding depth in double quick time.

Stroft Leader Rings review

Stroft Leader Rings, or rig rings, will help prolong the life of your tapered leaders, make tying on droppers easier, are impossibly strong and are...

Stroft GTM monofilament tippet review

Stroft GTM monofilament tippet material is strong and supple and has a breaking strain which is impressively high for its diameter. It's got a good...

Stroft GTM Tapered Leaders review

Stroft GTM Tapered Leaders come in a wider range of lengths, diameters and breaking strains than pretty much any other leader. They're high...

Lee Wulff Line Dressing review

Lee Wulff Line Dressing from Royal Wulff is one of the few fly line dressings that can be applied to both floating and sinking lines. It takes a...

Stroft Leader Spools System tippet dispenser review

The Stroft Leader Spools System is a very innovative tippet dispenser which solves a few problems and makes fly fishing easier. This spool tender attaches to your vest, lanyard or chest pack and keeps leader to hand, prevents unravelling and removes the need to reach for your nippers to cut off...

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