Orvis Encounter Waders review

Orvis Encounter Waders may be the cheapest in the Orvis range, but they're superb quality breathable chest waders for the money. They're also available for women and children as well as men and come in a massive range of shapes and sizes.

How to fly fish with droppers

Learn how to fly fish with droppers and you'll be able to use several flies at once, cover more water and different water depths and potentially catch more fish.

Snowbee Onyx Cassette fly reel review

The Snowbee Onyx Cassette fly reel is made from machined die-cast aluminium and is well suited to those on a budget. It comes with four spools to house your fly lines and includes a padded carry bag.

14 tips to catch more trout on dry flies

Nothing beats catching trout on a dry fly. It's as exciting as it is frustrating and you'll miss far more fish than with most other methods. Here are 14 tips to help you catch more fish on dry flies.

Riverge Grand Max fluorocarbon review

Riverge Grand Max fluorocarbon is regarded as one of the highest quality tippet materials on the market and works brilliantly. However, it's expensive stuff.

Stroft Leader Rings review

Stroft Leader Rings, or rig rings, will help prolong the life of your tapered leaders, make tying on droppers easier, are impossibly strong and are great for beginners and experts alike.

Stroft GTM monofilament tippet review

Stroft GTM monofilament tippet material is strong and supple and has a breaking strain which is impressively high for its diameter. It's got a good reputation among competitive fly fishers and performs brilliantly when fishing on rivers or stillwaters.

Stroft GTM Tapered Leaders review

Stroft GTM Tapered Leaders come in a wider range of lengths, diameters and breaking strains than pretty much any other leader. They're high quality, reliable, turn over perfectly and there's a model for pretty much every fly fishing application you can imagine.

Lee Wulff Line Dressing review

Lee Wulff Line Dressing from Royal Wulff is one of the few fly line dressings that can be applied to both floating and sinking lines. It takes a...

Stroft Leader Spools System tippet dispenser review

The Stroft Leader Spools System is a very innovative tippet dispenser which solves a few problems and makes fly fishing easier. This spool tender...

Fly fishing diary: July 2018

The 2018 heatwave has continued to make fly fishing extremely challenging, but we managed to catch a few at Llyn Brenig and Llandegla Trout Fishery...

Wychwood International Para Drogue review

The Wychwood International Para Drogue is a dual arm drogue for boat anglers which helps slow their drift to increase catch rates. It comes with...

Wychwood Boatman Landing Net review

The Wychwood Boatman Landing Net is a high-quality net designed for use by fly fishers on reservoirs and lakes. It's a robust landing net that looks built to last.

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