Greys Prodigy Mini Forceps review

Greys Prodigy Mini Forceps are basic forceps ideal for fly fishing. They've got comfy handles, work well and seem fairly well made.

Bear Fly Fishing Universal Pack review

Bear Fly Fishing's new Universal Pack can be worn as a hip pack, sling pack or chest pack fixed to your waders and is made in the UK.

Fly fishing diary: August 2019

George fishes the Anglers World Holidays Fly Fishing Championships and reaches the finals, while and we fish at Llyn Brenig in Wales and the River Tummel in Scotland.

Fly fishing diary: July 2019

Despite the summer weather, we caught plenty of fish at Llyn Brenig and Llandegla Fishery and George reached the Troutmasters Finals for his fourth consecutive year.

Fly fishing diary: June 2019

George breaks three fly junior fly casting records and we fish at Llandegla Fishery, our local syndicate and Ellerdine Lakes.

Fulling Mill MasterClass Copolymer review

Fulling Mill MasterClass Copolymer is the top of the range nylon copolymer tippet and leader material and comes in a range of sizes. Sitting alongside the much more expensive Masterclass Fluorocarbon, this stuff is of similar quality for a copolymer but quite reasonably priced.

Tacky Flydrophobic SD fly box review

The Tacky Flydrophobic SD fly box is waterproof and breathable so wet flies stored in the box will air dry without rusting. It's not cheap, but it is unique, works well and is built like a tank, so should prove long-lasting.

Airflo 2019 baseball caps review

Airflo sent us three of their new 2019 baseball caps to try out. Two are trucker style and one is a full panel cap and all work well. They protect your head from flies, keep the sun off your face and aid your fish-spotting abilities.

Loop Opti fly reel review

The Loop Opti fly reel is arguably one of the most desirable on the market and features a stylish design and superb build quality. This large...

Loop Q fly fishing kit review

The Loop Q fly fishing kit is a premium fly fishing outfit including a stylish high-quality fly rod, reel and fly line and carry case. It's great...

Loop Q fly reel review

The Loop Q fly reel is a well made large arbour die-cast aluminium reel which shares design cues with the much more expensive Loop Opti fly reel...

Loop Q Series fly rod review

The Loop Q Series fly rod range includes a broad range of single and double handed rods. They are well made, look good and cast well, yet have a...

Loop Opti K2 Euro Nymph fly rod review

The Loop Opti K2 Euro Nymph fly rod is aimed specifically at those who fish for grayling and trout using French and Czech nymphing methods. It's beautifully made, really light and comfortable to use and makes a massive difference to presentation.

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