Fly fishing diary: March 2020

We take a trip to Chirk in North Wales and enjoy one final session on the Welsh Dee before the world goes into Coronavirus lockdown.

How to fish the diawl bach for trout

The diawl bach fly, or little devil, is a great nymph pattern for trout. Here are nine handy tips for fishing this popular fly pattern.

15 tips for fly fishing with boobies

Boobies are one of the main fly patterns favoured by the reservoir fly fisher. Here are 15 tips for fishing them on sinking lines to help increase your catch rate.

Iain Barr World Champion's Choice fly selection review

If you're a newcomer and struggle to pick the right fly patterns, these carded selections from Iain Barr will help you choose wisely.

Orvis Clearwater Sink Tip Type III fly line review

The Orvis Clearwater Sink Tip Type III fly line lets you fish your flies in the top few feet making it great for nymphs and lures. It's a good quality fly line but isn't the smoothest to cast.

Fulling Mill Masterclass Tapered Leaders review

Fulling Mill Masterclass Tapered Leaders are fine, strong and reliable and greatly improve presentation and fly turnover.

Rio Two-Tone Indicator Tippet review

Rio Two-Tone Indicator Tippet is a cost-effective way of creating sighters for Euro nymphing and is visible in a range of light levels. Featuring alternating bands of yellow and pink it makes it easier to see where you're fishing.

Hends Camou French Leader review

The Hends Camou French Leader is one of the most widely used leaders among the Euro nymphing community and for good reason. It works well, it's resilient and now, it's even easier to see.

Guideline Haze v2 fly reel review

The Guideline Haze v2 fly reel is a CNC machined aluminium reel with a large arbour, a strong drag and impressive build quality. It's quite a reel,...

Guideline LPS Euro Nymphing fly rod review

The new Guideline LPS Euro Nymphing fly rod range are mid-priced rods aimed at French, Czech and Polish nymph fishing on rivers. They're stylish,...

Fly fishing diary: November 2019

We fish for grayling on the River Dee, go pike fly fishing on the canal and take a few trips to our favourite winter fly fishing venue Ellerdine...

Greys GS net review

The Greys GS net is a simple, no-frills landing net which comes with knotless mesh and a removable landing net pole. It's a good choice if you're...

Greys Prodigy Mini Forceps review

Greys Prodigy Mini Forceps are basic forceps ideal for fly fishing. They've got comfy handles, work well and seem fairly well made.

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