How to fish the Humongous fly pattern for reservoir trout

The Humongous (or humungus) fly pattern is one of the most productive patterns for big trout, perch and pike on small stillwaters and reservoirs.

Orvis Hydros HD Bank Shot fly line review

The Orvis Hydros HD Bank Shot fly line lets you cast good distances with less effort and backcasting room. It screeches a bit though.

Orvis Encounter Waders review

Orvis Encounter Waders may be the cheapest in the Orvis range, but they're superb quality breathable chest waders for the money. They're also available for women and children as well as men and come in a massive range of shapes and sizes.

Orvis Hy-Flote Gel review

Orvis Hy-Flote Gel is a silicone-based dry fly floatant similar to Gehrke's Gink. It's very effective and good value for money.

Orvis Hy-Flote Dust review

Orvis Hy-Flote Dust is a powdered dry fly floatant which comes in a bottle with a handy applicator brush to keep your dries floating on top where the fish can see them. It's the ideal dry fly floatant for any dry fly pattern.

Barrio Line Care fly line dressing review

Barrio Line Care fly line dressing is a silicone-based fly line cleaner which makes floating lines shoot and float better. Using it regularly can extend the life of your line and put metres onto your casts.

How to fly fish with droppers

Learn how to fly fish with droppers and you'll be able to use several flies at once, cover more water and different water depths and potentially catch more fish.

Snowbee Onyx Cassette fly reel review

The Snowbee Onyx Cassette fly reel is made from machined die-cast aluminium and is well suited to those on a budget. It comes with four spools to house your fly lines and includes a padded carry bag.

14 tips to catch more trout on dry flies

Nothing beats catching trout on a dry fly. It's as exciting as it is frustrating and you'll miss far more fish than with most other methods. Here...

Riverge Grand Max fluorocarbon review

Riverge Grand Max fluorocarbon is regarded as one of the highest quality tippet materials on the market and works brilliantly. However, it's...

Royal Wulff Monoclear Triangle Taper clear intermediate fly line review

Royal Wulff's Monoclear clear intermediate fly line uses Lee Wulff's famous Triangle Taper profile. It casts well and is great for stealthy...

Fly fishing diary: August 2018

Graiglwyd Springs, Westlow Mere, a French nymphing masterclass on the River Dee, three days on Draycote Water and a day at Eyebrook.

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