Magnet-ique MagTrap Kit review

The Magnet-ique MagTrap Kit is a clever and versatile magnetic fly patch that can be attached to your lanyard, jacket, waders or pack. It looks great, is really well made and should last you a lifetime.

Stonfo Realistic Eggs review

Purists, look away now. Stonfo Realistic Eggs are a fly tying material for creating lifelike fish egg imitations without the need for any fly tying skills.

Stonfo Single Retractor review

The Stonfo Single Retractor is a coiled fly fishing retractor that lets you pin or suspend fly fishing tools from your vest, waders, jacket or pack.

Sunray El Guapo streamer fly line review

The Sunray El Guapo streamer fly line is an integrated shooting head style line that is designed to shoot easily with minimum effort. It's a great choice for anyone who chucks lures for trout but is on the expensive side.

Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard review

The Stonfo Fishing Neck Lanyard is a heavy duty rubber fishing lanyard with attachment points for all the tools you need for a day on the water.

How to choose a fly line

After your rod, the fly line is the most important piece of gear you'll ever buy. Here are some tips on how to buy your first fly line.

How to choose a fly reel

A beginner's guide to choosing your first fly reel to help you pick the right one for your rod, line and type of fly fishing you do.

How to choose a fly rod

Choosing a fly rod can seem a bit daunting as you need to match it to the type of fishing, the water, the fly line weight and your budget. Here's how to do it.

5 pheasant tail nymph patterns to tie

Pheasant tail fly patterns are great for trout and grayling on lakes, reservoirs and rivers. Here are five great fly patterns to tie.

Fly fishing diary: January 2019

Quite a challenging month for fly fishing, weather-wise, but we managed to catch at Llandegla, Loynton, Westlow Mere and Ellerdine.

Patagonia Rock Grip Wading boots review

Patagonia Rock Grip Wading boots are available in mens' and ladies' versions and are very well made, comfortable and hard-wearing. They're not...

How to fish the klink and dink method

The klink and dink method, also known as the duo or New Zealand style, lets you fish an emerger and a nymph with ease on the same rig. It's a great...

How to fish an intermediate fly line

An intermediate fly line, slime line or fast glass, lets you fish your flies in the top few feet and is essential for fly fishing on most UK stillwaters. Here are our top tips on how to choose and use an intermediate.

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